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Take the job or take the risk?

Asked by Silence04 (4713points) April 22nd, 2010

Imagine you left your previous job because you have over grown what they had to offer. Since you have high hopes for your future and nothing holding you back, you’ve decided to move to a new state that is the premium spot for your career field. This new location can give you unmatched experience and better your career in the long run. You don’t have a job in the new area, but have a place to stay until you get your feet on the ground.

Just before you head to the new location you get a local job offer at one of the best companies in the area, but still doesn’t compare to the type of place you COULD be working at if you move. Would you take the local job or go for the risk in the new location?

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Easy. Take the local job. Start your job search in the new area immediately. If something better comes out of the search, give your 2 weeks notice and relocate.

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Personally, I wouldn’t quit unless I already had a job.

Assuming I was in that position, I would take the local job and submit resumes to the area I really want to be in. Like @lilikoi said, you can always quit to relocate if something better comes up.

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@Taciturnu In some industries, jobs are not hard to come by because your expertise is in demand. Also, some employers can be unfair, misleading, and incompetent. If both these things are true, I can imagine someone quitting before having a job lined up.

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If you were such a hot shot in your field of expertise, headhunters would be constantly at your heals trying to recruit you for their top clients. Maybe you’re just fantisizing that you’ve made it past whatever ceiling your current employer thinks you’re worth, but the reality is there may be far hotter shots out there than you. . . So, with that said, if you’re looking for greener pasteurs, hunt down the job openings, apply and get hired, before quitting what you have in your hand.

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@lilikoi I understand. I personally would never quit without having a job no matter how high the demand for me was. (If demand for me was high, it would make it easier to find a different job anyway.) Besides, I like working.

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I would continue my plans to move to the new area if the local job did not measure up to what I could be making.

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I’ll take the one I think will make me happiest.

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Local job because it’s more secure. You dont want to regret it later if the risk backfires on you and feel bad that you missed an important opportunity. But maybe after a while if you still feel like wanting to be adventurous, take the risk.

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Well, do you believe a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

With that said, move.

You can take this job and always wonder what “coulda” happened if you moved. Or you can move and find out . . .

Doesn’t sound like you’re too enthusiastic about this offer anyway.

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@lilikoi It looks like you may have inadvertantly answered you own similar question. Hope it works out for you.

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