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Don't you just get annoyed when answering answers and you never get great answer?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6632points) April 22nd, 2010

It really pisses me off when I answer and I don’t even get a great answer:(:(
What is your reaction to this?

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No, I don’t get annoyed.
I post answers to try to contribute . . . not to pad my lurve stats. . .

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I I just answer the questions . . . (and I typically only answer questions for which I actually KNOW the answer)

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It doesn’t bother me. It’s really not a big deal. In the grand chaotic cosmic scheme of things, the fact that some anonymous individual on the internet didn’t click a button below some words probably won’t matter all that much.

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I don’t have one. I look far more forward to comments directed at me than lurve. I don’t keep track of lurve.

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Well I don’t mean I answer just to get lurve!, I just answer because I want to contrubute tooo..

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Perhaps you should put more effort into your answers.
The fact that it actually pisses you off shows immaturity.
Are you here to contribute your advice/suggestions/opinions/ideas or are you in it just to collect essentially fake, virtual points? Gimme a break.

To answer your question, no, it doesn’t bother me. I hardly keep track of how many GA’s I get on any given question.

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The only occasion in which it bothers me is when someone has a specific problem and I try to help them. But it bothers me because I don’t know whether or not their problem has been fixed. If they just post something like “Oh, hey, that worked”, I’m fine. I just don’t want them to continue with the problem.

I don’t mind not getting all the lurve from every answer I post. I’ll know when I post a good answer or not, regardless of Good Answers (though I won’t necessarily know if the specific problem is fixed).

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No not really people have different opinions so if they think its great and helped them then its a Great Answer. And if i didn’t help them they ignore it and scroll down T_T

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I’ve gotten plenty of Great Answers…

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Btw, I just totally creamed my pants that somebody gave me a GA. I would have thrown a bitch fit if I didn’t get one. Just sayin..

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@Vunessuh , I am there to contriibute not just for lurve, but it makes me feel better when I get great answer because then I feel like my answer really helped and I try to do more.

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I don’t think it has very much value or meaning. It’s not really a way to reward correct or thoughtful answers; you can often find very carefully designed and pertinent answers which get ignored. it is more often a way to indicate approval, agreement and fraternity. I don’t flatter myself when I get GAs, and I don’t despair when I don’t.

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OH MY GOD, there’s another one. XD

@Thesexier I believe you when you say you’re here to contribute.

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@Vunessuh , and you got another GA!:)

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@Thesexier Sooo did you. :)

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”, I am there to contriibute not just for lurve, but it makes me feel better when I get great answer because then I feel like my answer really helped and I try to do more.”

This makes sense and isn’t immature. Feeling acknowledgment or acceptance for contributing is definitely going to bolster people to keep on being here, most of us really like feeling useful, helpful and needed.

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@Vunessuh , damn I have gotten 7 GA’s? :O:O I can’t beliave it in such a short time

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@Neizvestnaya , This makes sense and isn’t immature. Feeling acknowledgment or acceptance for contributing is definitely going to bolster people to keep on being here, most of us really like feeling useful, helpful and needed.
this is very true:D

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that’s about how meaningful they are.

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@dpworkin , sorry I don’t quit understand:(

But people I have school tomorrow so I am going to sleep:) Good Night

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I just gave everyone GA’s before bed:) now good nightxoxo

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Many answers do or don’t get GA’s and it doesn’t bother me. It’s when I think I’ve given a GA-worthy answer and I don’t get one that I begin to wonder if I’m getting a bit too far off the wall.

But you can never know for sure what people will find useful or GA-worthy. GAs make me feel good and validate my efforts, and knowing that people think I have something worthwhile to say motivates me. But I also enjoy answering just because I enjoy thinking something through or remembering a story.

If your answers don’t get GA’s, then look at the ones that did. See what the differences are. Sometimes you can’t tell the differences and it seems random. I know I get a lot of GA’s just because I’m me and people give me the benefit of the doubt for my past work. I also get GA’s because I write good answers. And then I get GA’s for no apparent reason. I can’t help the first and last reasons, but I sure can do something about writing good answers—or better answers. So that’s where I think one can work to improve oneself.

For the most part, people don’t hand out GA’s just because you answer. They do it because it’s a useful answer.

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I don’t really care, but I enjoy a PM when I’ve managed to make a point and it has helped someone. I really like the personal feedback.

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Yes! A positive PM always makes me feel good. Thank-yous are nice, too. (GA @Trillian)

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Nope. Doesn’t bother me at all.

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@dpworkin Aw, shucks. Thanks. ;-)

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It doesn’t bother me that much. But getting those GAs aren’t bad either! ;) Will getting a GQ make you feel better?

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I guess you have to come up with better answers.

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@wundayatta , I absolutly agree with you.

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only disappointed when i thought it really was a great answer—not for the points—but because my contribution went unnoticed

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@Trillian said about PM’s from people who thank you for particular responses, that’s cool. I’ve had a few and it really did make me feel helpful. I just wish I knew how to make the link to the question into the neato “this answer” format.

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No, I don’t. I answer with the intention of being helpful and/or contributing to a discussion that I find interesting. If I don’t get any lurve for my answers, I just treat it as motivation to put more consideration and effort into my answers. At the end of the day I don’t care how much I have, but it is a useful measure of the quality of my answers that can help to show whether or not I have been able to be helpful or make a useful contribution to a discussion.

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PM’s are a more genuine expression of approval.

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Nah. I did my best. That’s all anyone can ask for. You can’t win ‘em all.

Ha! Clichés! But true enough, so there ya go.

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@Thesexier Would you point out to us an answer of yours that was so extraordinary a contribution to a thread that it is a true outrage that you were not favoured with a “Great Answer” rating?

Be sure to explain in detail why the answer deserved great acclaim.

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Sometimes it bothers me- and that’s when I turn off the computer and walk away. For me, having that intense a reaction to points that mean nothing, given by an anonymous jelly, means I need to touch base with what really matters in my life.

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I agree with the other people. Don’t worry about trying to get lurve, that’s not what the Fluther community is about, it’s about actually trying to help other people in the collective with their questions, contributing to the common knowledge of the collective, and keeping that smart, witty,sometimes didactic, atmosphere

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No, it does not annoy me. I’m more often surprised that some of my responses receive as many GAs as they do. But, I am very selective of what I respond to and when responding, I always try to put forth a good effort. I’m actually on fluther quite a bit, reading and learning and most often enjoying my visits, but many a day goes by without me typing a single response. If found typing on fluther, I am more often found utilizing the PM system, touching base with a friend rather than participating in a question.
Frankly, my expertise is in fairly narrow fields. I do have quite a bit of life experience and will offer some of that up if I believe doing so will add some value or perhaps new perspective to a question. But, I don’t feel compelled to be heard here and don’t seek recognition or require validation of my beliefs or opinions. And, with my typing now very slow and rather difficult, it is rare to find me first to the draw with a factual response to a specific queston or with that occasional quick clever quip. I also always take the time and make the effort to read everyone’s prior responses and try not to repeat something that has already been said, just to have my voice heard. If I feel reinforcement or clarification of a prior point may be helpful, I’ll pipe in, but I always try to recognize the jelly that made the initial point.
I do very much appreciate receiving GAs and GQs from members of the collective. Those are usually an indication that others received some value from my contribution and that the time associated with my effort was indeed well spent.
See ya…....Gary/wtf

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What I don’t get is when someone has responded to a comment I made, that they thought it was a good point, they agreed, or it was helpful in some way, and I did not get a GA. Otherwise, I don’t think about it much, but it is always nice to get the lurve when it happens.

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@JLeslie , excactly leslie! :) It’s is really nice to get lurve I always feel better and try and contribute more as I can :D

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I like the residual checks I get from GA’s and GQ’s…the extra cash comes in handy!

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@Thesexier @Cruiser is grandfathered under the Peanut Butter and Jelly Act of 1986. Why he is a grandfather, I don’t know, since he was born in 1999, but there you have it. In any case, he is entitled to all the residual peanut butter he can eat, so long as there is one jelly alive. The gahs and gooks, I don’t get. Cash is his nickname for Casheroo, but don’t tell Casheroo’s husband. Or her child. @Cruiser is a bruiser, all right!

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I’d be pleased if they did away with lurve completely. If you like an answer PM someone or answer it in tiny type within the thread. Even though a vast majority say they don’t answer for lurve my guess is that if lurve was done away with the number of answers would dwindle mightily.

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@Thesexier Doesn’t everybody after 10K???

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I like to think that I’m slightly above that. It’s probably not all that important anyways, as most people have now said. The interaction itself is more rewarding, since someone has taken the time to read your shit and go on from that. Much more work than clicking for points, which anyone can do.

If it was Final Fantasy, the points would be important though. Woo FLARE bitches!


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@Thesexier You did check the little box when you signed up here didn’t you??

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You answer to get points? Not really the point.

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I don’t really pay attention anymore. I only notice, if I receive one of the awards.
What use to bother me, was when my answer would get lost within an off topic conversation, and it wouldn’t even be acknowledged.

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Short answer yes.

Mostly because I insight is not being acknowledged or appreciated, that in and of itself is disrespectful in my eyes.

But this feeling is not exclusive to fluther, it was like that on AB as well. I simply like evidence to indicate my information is being appreciated

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