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Are there cheap golf courses in cancun?

Asked by tdseverson (15points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Looking for $50 or less golf in cancun. Any ideas?

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Thanks a lot dirtbag. Believe it or not I know what google is!

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well, if your saying you know how to use Google properly, then you wouldn’t need to take post completely stupid and uninformative questions about something so pointless….

And i don’t believe you know how to use it, because you can easily use Google maps and get ALL the golf courses in the area… ok.. dirtbag?? much love

Golf courses in Cancun, Provided by Google Maps <3

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youre an idiot. this is supposed to be an information source for things you can’t find that way. find a course for less than 50$ or don’t waste everyones time by answering.

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but you can, your just being lazy and trying to make someone else do your work, you can easily use the link i gave you to call those places and see how much it costs to play on those courses… So you incompetents is making an idiot of yourself… Once again, stop wasting everyones time..

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I have. Youre an ass. Not all courses in Mexico have websites, calling Mexico isnt cheap. Get a life. I was just asking a question to people who play golf in Mexico. Wow, people like you ruin sites like these!

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