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Are you polite when someone says something to you that makes them sound stupid and or gullible?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 22nd, 2010

I recently had a conversation with one my father’s business partners at his place of work,he started talking about a guy who had just walked in through the door.
Will,the recently hired forklift operator.
He was eagered to tell me this new guy’s interesting life story.
It turns out;Will’s entire family was involved in the manufacturing of crystal-meth among many other illegal activities,,,,,Will testified against his entire family which was very instrumental in their conviction.
The police and DEA were very thankful to Will for his assistance and they knew he would be in severe danger for cooperating therefore to protect him *“They put him in the safest place they could find ,,,,“IN JAIL” and kept him there for 3 months!!
{*WTF,I heard in jail you can have someone shanked for a pack of cigarettes }
I don’t know how but I was able to keep a straight face but should I have told my father’s business partner that he was a gullible idiot?
Should I tell my father that his business partner is an moron ?

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Well as far as getting shanked, it really depends on the jail. IF the story was actually true, it would almost certainly be a federal minimum security prison, in which case, yes, a person would be perfectly safe. Yes, I know this from experience, and no, I’m actually not bullshitting you.

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@Pretty_Lilly The point is, you seem far too quick to point out someones errors. You also wrote “He was eagered”. The correct word is “eager”.
I think that what @holden was trying to say was “Before removing the sliver from thy neighbor’s eye, remove the two by four from your own”.

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Of course I am. I don’t want to make them feel bad or embarrassed for their mistake.

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@Pretty_Lilly we try to confine our vitriolic contempt for each other to PMs here.

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@Pretty_Lilly Well, I though I said what I had to say very politely. Your lack of ability to spell does not bother me in the least. I thought I had made that clear. It in no way reflects on me.
Do I really scare you?

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I immediately make snap judgments based upon meeting a person once.
That’s the best way to judge a person’s character.

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Are you guys really fighting?? Why don’t people just answer the question? There’s no point in harrassing the writer and giving a grammar lesson. So to answer the question, when people say stupid s**t like that, you have to tell them, I always do. Just be nice about it. If you don’t tell them, they think they are believed and they’ll go tell everybody else and make a fool of themselves

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I’m always polite, even if I call someone stupid or gullible. Ask anyone.

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Sounds like a basis to get the Co. sued white. Yes, tell your dad that story, and find out if it is true or not. If true, find out if it is really a Public story, or if WITSEC is going to have a problem with someones big mouth. If a public story, was this person JUST a witness, or was he a participant that turned ?family? over for a deal or ride. Is there any sensitive data in the Co. that told the wrong way to a grand jury could get someone there indited? This guy sounds about as cute and cuddly as a hand grenade. No, make that both of them, the story object and the story teller.

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