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Which polo shirt maker has a velocipede as the chest logo?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) April 22nd, 2010

I saw this shirt once. I know it must be a popular brand. I have never seen it again. I would like one, so if you know which company, many thanks.

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This is the type of vehicle, but it is tiny and sits where the traditional ralph lauren polo player sits on his polo shirts.

@rpmpseudonym thanks for looking

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I’m not familiar with that particular logo. I know there are a lot of knock-off polo “brands” or styles that have random things on the chest, like a butterfly or something, just as decoration. Are you sure it’s not something like this?

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I am pretty sure I have seen it twice @ParaParaYukiko, so that tells me it is not likely some knock-off. Why have a velocipede as a knockoff…slightly too tasteful as well.

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Hmmm… alright then, I’ll think about that one then! Hopefully you’ll find out which brand is awesome enough to have a velocipede logo on their polos. :)

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