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Why do people talk so loud when using a cellphone?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) April 22nd, 2010

I believe that 9 out every 10 people must have a hearing problem, when it comes to talking on a cellphone. they practically yell and everyone around them hears their conversation. why is this?

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When they are in an area with ambient noise that makes it hard for them to hear – they raise their own voices. It is a common phenomenon.

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Really, I have noticed that also. It’s extremely annoying.

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@DarkScribe Maybe…..but I think not, since I hear people do exactly this all the time where there is no ambient noise. I think they have a deep seated desire to become the victim of a justified homicide

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I think it’s because you can’t actually hear yourself in the speaker when talking on a cell phone whereas you can hear yourself when talking on a regular phone. makes it hard to hear how loud you’re talking.

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I do that.
now I can finally stop.

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Because they cant hear me now.

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Plethora, great answer. i have been in restaurants that were fairly quiet and i hear that familiar cellphone ring of an incoming call. one woman was talking so loud that it disrupted everyones dinner. i wrote shhhhhhhhhhh!!! on a napkin and shoved it in her face. she took her conversation outside. i really do believe its a hearing loss problem or they just want attention. anyway, i settled that problem that day.

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@john65pennington I think it’s a total lack of comprehension that they are being annoying, because I know people who, without a cellphone, never modulate their voice and shout all the time. I was going thru the Atlanta airport tonight (which is the outer chamber to Dante’s Inferno) and I was never out of hearing at least one person talking loudly on a cell.

In Europe it is a huge faux pas to do that. If a person needs to make or take a cell call, they immediately look for a place where they won;t bother others and go there before talking.

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I never talk on the phone in public.
The whole idea behind the 20th century phone booths was so you could have some privacy. It was a solid concept.

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You have not heard LOUD until you have heard Mediterreanean peoples yelling on the phone! The whole city can hear both sides of the conversation, since the caller and the called one yell as if their lives depend on in.

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It’s very annoying, to say the least. I don’t think I do it, but people often say they can’t hear me when I’m on my cell, so maybe screaming is actually required.

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They always think they are in a noisy subway car. Even when they are not.

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They are overweight Middle Eastern men with grating accents using a phone that belongs in a museum.

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