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How long past the expiration date can I use flavoured coffee syrup?

Asked by iphigeneia (6224points) April 23rd, 2010

I just found a bottle of hazelnut flavoured coffee syrup in the back of the pantry. I can’t find the expiry date, but I’m pretty sure it’s been there a while (ie. possibly years). It smells and looks fine, and I want to put it in a cake so it will be cooked before it gets to anyone’s stomach. Also, it says that it is a pasteurised product. Do you think that it is safe?

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It might not have an expiration date…it’s just syrup. If it smells fine, it’s probably fine.

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Probably as safe as when it came out the refinery.

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So long as it was sealed it wil be fine. Syrup has a very long shelf life, especially if it has not been opened.

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I agree with all the above, mainly because sugar actually can be an outstanding canning ingredient. It’s one of the reasons why jams & jellies can stay on the shelf for so long, it’s very resistant to spoilage. No expiry date gives it away; if it needed one, it would be on there. As said, if it smells fine, taste a little on your finger, if it tastes fine, it’s fine. And pasteurized? I, personally, would totally go for it.

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Well, thanks everyone. I baked the cake and fed a lot of people and none of them are dead yet, so it’s all good.

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