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Is anyone having trouble logging in?

Asked by Randy (11214points) March 11th, 2008

I’m having trouble logging into fluther on my iphone. When I put in my username and password, it kicks me back to the home screen without signing me in. Is anyone else experiencing problems? Can anyone give me some advice to remedy this query?

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It automatically logs me in every time.

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Same here. No problems at all.

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Thinking about the most likely problem is miss typing the password on the iPhone keyboard.

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no problems here. is your iphone bugged?

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I don’t log out on my iPhone, I just shut down safari. Did you create a Fluther icon on your home page? I did from the page once you’re already signed in called “stuff for you”

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@ Lightlyseared If I was miss typing my name or password it would tell me that one of the two was incorrect. its not doing that its just not logging in.

@ josh1104 I’m not sure what you mean by “bugged”. If your taking about jail broken, no its not.

@ mcbealer Yeah i made it an icon, but i made it from the home page and now i can’t log back in.

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thanks to all that responded. I just deleted the icon from my home page and then signed in. It worked! :) thanks again.

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Mine also constantly kicks me off. I can sign in, but it’s only for a short time. Then I get kicked off and have to sign in again. it’s weird. This also happens to me with facebook.

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i have the same problem…it wont sign me in….
i guess ill try deleting my icon too…

did you re-apply the icon to your home screen after deleting it?

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no I am not having any problems.

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No problems on my end.

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No problens, sorry.

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