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Which countries' politics do you follow besides your own?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) April 23rd, 2010

And if you feel like it, why?

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American and European, as they have a direct bearing on my life, especially in the wake of the World banking crisis. I also like to keep an eye on global current affairs in general.

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Israel, England and France because I have a close emotional or familial connection with each of them. However, I get so frustrated with Israel that I do not follow it that closely any more

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Israel – because ¾ of my family lives there

Russia – because my stubborn Bubbe and great aunt Tzeitel who refuse to step foot out of Russia for any reason live there

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All larger Western European countries, US, Israel, Russia, China.

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I don’t really follow any other country’s politics closely. I have some knowledge of French, Italian, German, British, and Israeli politics, but at this point I only pay attention when something comes up on NPR.

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I don’t even follow my own.

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UK national. I should know what’s going on if I intend to live there.

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Whatever’s on the radio or in the paper or in the New Yorker.

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Right now, I pay active attention to Great Britain, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Myanmar, Germany, France, Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, but I am generally interested in global politics, so if there is something special going on somewhere I will generally know about it.

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Nobody follows Canadian politics, even though we’re your biggest trading partner?

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I’m not afraid that Canada will start violating human rights or become a rogue nuclear state. I feel comfortable that it is pretty well governed.

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Granted, but you follow Great Britain and France, so surely those aren’t the only reasons you watch a country.

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I know the personalities in GB and France. There’s more news coverage here of Europe than there is Canada, but you have a valid point, and I will try to rectify the lapse.

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Ah – I don’t follow it, I just….blame Canada!

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