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Does your automobile have a reliable spare tire?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 23rd, 2010

You would be amazed at the number of people that drive their vehicle on the interstate and either do not have a spare tire or they have one with no air or its unfit for the road. one woman, in an old Ford utility van, had a flat tire between exits on the interstate. her spare tire had the steele belts showing. she had no idea if she even had a spare tire. this is my point. what is the condition of your autos spare tire? how often do you check the tires air pressure and general overall condition to make sure its road-worthy?

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I have two. One in the trunk and another around my waist~

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Have one, it’s fine.

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Actually I haven’t checked. I drive an ‘08, so I’m sure it’s fine. But now that you mention it…..

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We actually have a full size ‘spare’ with about 40k on it; it gets checked for pressure twice a year and used for long road trips. Getting it was the “bonus” to having two tires blow on one road trip. We had just replaced a tire only weeks before and when we lost two we decided to match all three to the one we had most recently replaced. We got the extra rim from a junker for next to nothing. For “around town” use we just use the donut (about 25 miles on it thus far), also checked twice a year.

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Well, my spare is legal, but the steel rim could be in better condition.

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Absolutely yes. I’ve driven long enough to understand the risks, and the simple solution.

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My car does indeed have a reliable, full size spare tire. Said tire is sitting in my garage.

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I have one that has never been used. However, it’s not full size, because a full sized-tire won’t fit in the spare tire storage space in my car. It’s really annoying.

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Jeff, its probably a “donut tire”. just make sure its the correct wheel size for your vehcile. unmatched tire sizes can cause an accident.

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Supermouse. take the tire out of your garage and place it in the trunk of your auto. you will need it when you least expect it.

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@john65pennington solely because of this question, that is exactly what I plan to do today! What is ironic is that it is in the garage because I got a flat over the winter and had to put it on my car! When I got a new tire and went to put the spare back in the trunk, I couldn’t figure out how to make it fit in there. Today I will solve the puzzle and make it happen. This question has done a great service.

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Not great, but certainly not horrible. Actually, I think it’s better than the tires on my car…

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I have two in the back of my car. When I bought the vehicle I managed to persuade the garage to give me an extra one!

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Yup. Thanks.

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My father-in-law owns a tire shop, so we’ve always got a full-size spare ready to go in the trunk.

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