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What are the best English-speaking Christian Internet forums?

Asked by mattbrowne (31595points) April 23rd, 2010

I’m not sure which one to try out. There are just so many, for example or or A Google search offers dozens of options.

Anyone on Fluther with personal experience in any of them?

A healthy mix of conservatives and liberals would be good, but I want to avoid forums with a majority of ultra-conservative religious nutcases. Another aspect I’m interested in is interfaith dialog, i.e. forums with users of other religions as well.

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An Internet forum where people discuss religion in an orderly fashion? Without religion nutcases or antireligion zealots? In my experience, no such thing exists.

I do, however, wish you the best of luck finding it.

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@bob_ – I said I want to rule out forums where the majority of users are religious nutcases. Every forum will have some of them. Even Fluther I guess.

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@mattbrowne Yes, what I meant is that said religious nutcases tend to make the most noise. They are a very vocal minority.

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I used to hang out here and I liked them a lot.

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Somedays that site is Fluther.

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Try While it’s strictly Christian and has its share of zealots, it’s well-moderated and keeps the anti-religion folks isloated to a thread just for the purpose of arguing with the Christians.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll check them out!

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I tried

and it was a very disappointing experience. On May 1 I contributed to a recent thread which was opened on April 28. Today on May 9 I logged in again reading the comments of people replying to my post. I wanted to comment on their comments but the thread was already closed. Just 8 days later. This is ridiculous. Sorry, but this isn’t my kind of forum.

I’ll try another one.

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