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why are female breasts so exciting for men?

Asked by blizzard (1points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone
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alrdy asked…. please search before asking duplicate questions…

What makes breast so appealing to men?

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who said breasts?! ^_^

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Because we don’t have them.

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/me bounces.

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I would also like to say that the particular question of which iceblu mentions seems to be old enough to be of a different format, so it might not be a bad idea to bring up an old posit. I myself also have the theory that a) not only men like boobies, we all do. And b) its because it was almost all of our initial source of food. Who wouldn’t like that?
I’m not fat, you’re fat.
And I don’t think my mom’s boobs are hot.
Never mind. Forget this whole post!

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I have nothing against nice breasts. They are downright hot if they’re perfect. I’m not a fan of flatchested girls.

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I’m a guy who actually likes small breasts. I don’t like non-existiant ones though. You shouldnt get “small” and “not there” confused. Lol.
For the question though, not all breasts excite men. To me big ones are creppy and unattractive. I’m drawn more twards smaller girls though and that could be the cause of the whole smaller breast thing.

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They wouldn’t be fun bags if they weren’t fun.

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I think breasts are attractive as long as they’re proportionate to the woman’s figure. As in huge breasts on a tiny girl and tiny breasts on a more “full figured” woman just seem kinda odd. Oh, and I’ll pass on implants, if i wanted to play with water balloons, I go buy some (and wouldn’t even have to buy them dinner).

As far as “why” I like them (besides 10’s of thousands of years of evolutionary instinct), well I guess it has to do with the fact that nothing in the world feels quite as wonderful in your hand…

except maybe an enormous check…

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Here’s some humorus, yet true commentary courtesy of

“Here’s how it works: the number 1 body for a girl is skinny with big tits. That’s number 1 by a mile, and any guy who questions this is unquestionably queer. But girls can also look hot if they’re really little with no chest, like Milla Jovovich or Rachel Bilson, or curvy with big tits, like Sofia Vergara or Kim here (sometimes). The worst draw you can get if you’re a girl is a big giant ass and no tits. I’m not even sure how that happens. I assume God hates you. He basically made you a taller, somewhat smarter monkey.”

I’ve also read some evolutionary psychologist theorize that two large breasts are similar to the view a man would have of a woman’s rear while mating in most common of positions “doggy-style”.

This coupled with the relation to breast feeding, hence fertility; there is some pretty deep rooted instinct going on.

I also think that breast are great because their very stimulating for both sexes and breast contain so much personality. Almost like a persons eyes or fingerprints, almost no two are alike. Therefore each are special and unique to that person, which helps make them more of special gift to the man.

Just a few ideas.

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I tend to think that a major role in it is because we have been raised to like them, its the norm.

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It depends on the nipples. Can be a turn off

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Because I think with my tounge and just want to lick em!!!....LoL

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I prefer females with three breasts, and the only outlet for me is to watch that weird Swarzenegger movie with the midget girl who first allowed me to view my fantasy. I wonder if my wife would be up for some creative cosmetic surgery…um, naw probably not. sigh

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A few million years of evolution.

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IDK why but i find girls that are flatchested attractive. But i hav to say weird nipple sizes disgust me. big boobs seem really intimidating:)

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Freud would have a field day with this question. Of course this would lead to discussions of the Oedipal complex, which no man wants to touch with a ten-foot pole.

I don’t fully believe in that theory, but I have no scientific proof of my own, just observations.

I don’t know when it is in life that we figure out what is attractive to us, but whenever that is, whatever influence is there has a lifelong impact. This could be early sexual experiences, influence of male role models, influence of the media, among many other things.

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