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What happens to Canadian Geese eggs after the mom gets killed by a car?

Asked by Skippy (2166points) April 23rd, 2010

AND Why does the father still hang around the vacinity?
The eggs have been alone in the landscaping all week without the mom covering them, yet the male is still chasing folks away.

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Without an incubator immediatly they will perish.

Incubation must remain at a high temp. around 95 degrees or more with short breaks from leaving the nest. The male is just running off instinct to defend the nesting site.

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Awww. Geese are amazingly protective and caring. I don’t know about the eggs, but you might be interested in the link that demonstrates how geese work together. #5 is my favorite.

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Unless held in the proper temperature and conditions they will likely die within the hour of her own death.

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The plural of Canada Goose is Canada Geese. In order to be “Canadian,” they would have to be residents of Canada.

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They become part of the cycle of life.
Something else will eat the eggs.

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Sadly, that’s it for the eggs. Happily, there are enough Canada Geese to repopulate Canada.

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There is nothing more adorable than a gosling that imprints on you.

I love to have them run across the smooth concrete in my garage…the sound of little happy slappy flappy feet is to die for. lolol

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LOL @UScitizen ! That’s a good one! Ha!

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@gailcalled true there are plenty, but Lucy was special to us in the smoking area. And Ricky seems so sad walking around alone. It’s sad to see the eggs unattended by the tree.
@Coloma in the next week or so when all the other nests hatch, it will cute as hell when they all start following one another to the pond in the office park.

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Oh god…if someone would have told me I’d end being mother goose….crazy! lol

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