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When in your country's history do you believe the clothing was at it's most stylish & when at it's worst?

Asked by ucme (46528points) April 23rd, 2010

An example of each would be good.

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I love the styles of the 1920’s. The flapper stuff looks awesome. Bobs are back in style. Yay. I love old brooches and stuff from the 1920’s.

The 1980’s, with parachute pants, neon colors, and giant hair was awful. The entire decade is a blight on fashion history. Then again, this new “scene” stuff is nearly as ugly.

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The 50’s.

Loved the whole leave it to beaver style.

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I love the American 1920’s1930’s.
The dresses were absolutely amazing. The 1920’s were bold- full of sequins, feathers, pearls, and intricate brooches/jewelry and handbags, as well as defining hairstyles. They were just amazing and truly unique.

The 90’s, however, were a terror…

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30’s gowns maybe for best and 70’s for worst.

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im all about powdered wigs and men wearing blush and high heals. BEST!

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For me the very best look for women was 1940’s chic tailored suits, nipped in at the waist, accessorised with pearls, pretty little court shoes, when ladies wore pill box hats, complete with hat pins, and of course gloves.

Worst would be well, now actually. Modern day Britain seems to be populated by bright orange skinned girls who look more like a jaffa satsuma than a human, wearing half a stone of make up on their faces that makes them look more coco the clown than feminine woman, and clothes wise, they wander about in skirts smaller than belts and tops made up of less material than the skimpiest of bras. Good grief I sound old fashioned, I just hate to see young girls looking so slutty is all. Someone very wise once said that respect is a two way street, and you can’t expect to be respected by anyone if you don’t respect yourself. @ucme another great question honey <hugs>
hugs everyone xx

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@bunnygrl Jaffa satsuma,made me laugh,accurate & funny.

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The 80’s has to be a low fashion point. Pastels, parachute pants, pegged jeans, woven neckties, mullets, Members Only jackets… it was all bad.

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@ ucme LOL some of them are so orange they could possibly glow in the dark and be used as traffic cones :-) In years to come they will look back at old photos from now and their children will ask “Mum, what were you on?”

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@bunnygrl ” Benefits” will come the reply.Now that’s below the belt & a little uncalled for I really must apologise ;¬}

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Best: Every other time but now, particularly the 80’s.
Worst: NOW.

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@ucme LOL you are terrible, and you just made me laugh so hard while drinking dr pepper that it shot out of my nose LOL brilliant!! you’re a tonic <hugs>

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@bunnygrl Well now that’s good to hear,every girl should carry pepper spray. You just never know. ;¬}

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The late 1950s-early 1960s were incredibly stylish in the US. And the clothes for women needed incredibly confining foundation garments, so as great as they look, I’ll pass and stick with the late 1960s.

I do love the swish crinoline makes when one is wearing it.

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I love the look of the 1940s. Early 80s was awful.

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Zoot suits and flappers are the best!

The 70’s sucked major butt-hole.

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I love the style of the 1920’s and 30’s. The clothes were very simple, yet elegant.
I dislike the 80’s yuck. I saw an outfit that my mom had dressed me in when I was about two years old, and if I ever had to wear that again, I would burn myself, and bleach my eyes.

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Am I the only one here that likes 80’s fashion?

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LOVE the 20s-30s and 60s. Like the 40s-50s, like the 70s in its time but don’t care for a revival. I like a few things from the 80s if they are updated and made more modern and chic but mostly I think the 80s was a fashion disaster and don’t think it should ever be brought back.

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