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Can anyone find a picture of a clown seated resting around a beach ball with all his limbs surrounding it?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11049points) April 23rd, 2010

I saw this as a porcelain figurine from my crib as an infant. It holds significant meaning in my life now. If anyone finds a picture like this or the object itself, then lots of kudos and lurve.

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. . . whatever you do don’t search Deviant Art for “clown ball”. . . It might turn your childhood memories into nightmares. literally almost vomited a little. fuck deviant art!

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Try Emmitt Kelly. I could be wrong about the spelling, but I have a ceremic figure like you are talking about and think it is by this artist. It’s packed away somewhere or I would take a pic for you.

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Ooooh I am gonna have nightmares tonight with that image stuck in my head!!

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Is this similar? I don’t think this is it, but if it is similar, then it is Emmett Kelly or Emmett Kelly Jr.

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What about this?

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@cfrydj That looks more like what they are looking for.

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@cfrydj that is nearly exactly what I described, but it is not that one. It was more like a cross between the clowns that chyna has shown from Emmett Kelly, and that one. The clown was lankier, and I remember some pastels and deep yellows maybe.

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