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Was there some prominent object in your home, or home that you frequented as a child that scared you?

Asked by ubersiren (15180points) April 23rd, 2010

I used to be afraid of 2 paintings that my parents had in their home- one of a rooster and one of my great-great-great aunt Nettie. Also, at my grandmother’s house, there was a big electric organ in her living room. My cousins would play it when I was little and it was loud and strange and scared the bejeezus out of me.

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The cellar in our summer cabin was uber nasty scary as well as the deer head hanging above the door way that looked right at you no matter where in the room you were!! :O

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In my grandparents’ house…upstairs…where I would stay overnight every now & then, there were two big, old oval shaped pictures of my dad & my uncle. The car lights would reflect off of them & they scared me.

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Well, I moved a lot, so the thing that scared me was when I had kind of a daydream nightmare thinking “OMG what if I got trapped inside the back of the moving truck?!” I always thought of it o.O

Does this count?? lol

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In my bedroom when I was little, the curtains on my window often would cast a shadow that, to my overly imaginative mind, looked like a monster. I couldn’t fall asleep looking at it, so I always slept with my back to the window. To this day my shoulder seems to be able to dislocate itself from the socket to more easily sleep on that side.

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There used to be this big old speaker that my father made himself. It was a box about three feet high and one and a half feet wide and a foot or so deep. I think it was made of cedar—it had that red and white wood look. We used to play hide and seek, and since there was no back on the speaker, you could cram yourself into it if you were small enough.

I don’t know what possessed him to do it, but my little brother had turned the knob on the volume to maximum and then he scratched the needle across a record. The noise nearly made my brains turn to mush and leak out my ears. I must have screamed as loud as the speaker did.

I pulled myself out of the speaker, holding my hands over my ears and crying, except I couldn’t hear myself cry. In fact, I didn’t hear much of anything for the next several hours.

After that, I would refuse to go near that speaker, especially if my brother was in the room or, in fact, in the house. To this day I am extremely sensitive to loud noises. In particular, the high pitched screams of young children. They get into my head and turn it inside out. Thank God my kids never screamed like that, or they wouldn’t be alive today. Either that, or I wouldn’t be alive.

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The little room under the stairs in the basement.

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When i was a kid, we lived back east. The basement was where we had a couch with the big TV. But my brother’s room was also in the basement.
He had some weird fascination with the Grim Reaper at the time. So, of course, he had a big poster of the Grim Reaper.
If his bedroom door was open, I would see the poster out of the corner of my eye if I was on the couch watching TV.
That always freaked me out.
We also played with Ouija boards down there.

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Hangers, flip-flops, belts…those sorts of things. They were real convenient for my mother to pick up and commence a whooping on me.

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When I was little, my mom was in charge of my bedroom decorations, which was mostly fine because hell, I was little and didn’t care much. However, one prominent feature of my room for years was this face-sized clown mask my mom hung on the wall. It was uber-creepy.. instead of just having holes for eyes, it had kind of a dark mesh screen over the holes with a hint of eye painted on it. For some reason, it never occurred to me to ask to have it taken down, but it definitely creeped me out for a long time. When I got old enough, I took it off the wall and hid it in my closet.

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@MissAnthrope Clowns can be very creepy. Kids & adults alike sometimes don’t like them at all.

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A very large, very gory sculpture of a crucified, bleeding, eyes-open Jesus that my dear Catholic grandmother had, as well as a sculpture of a decaying ship that sat on her mantle. It had black, tattered leather sails and the wood had become very dingy. It looked like a ghost ship, but it was just because it was really old.

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When I was a kid, and well into my teens, the upstairs bedroom closets at my Grandmothers house would open and close on their own. They didn’t creak or anything, but would open about half way and then close. Even if we pushed then so that they would latch, it didn’t seem to matter. Dad was convinced the house had ‘haints’ as he called them. He said he remembered hearing and seeing things in the house. He may have also been pulling my chain too. Hard to say.

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A portrait of a lady on the wall of Great Aunt Sadie’s apartment

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Any small lights or glowing objects.

I was also afreaid of the colour yellow for a long time. When I was about 5, I had a dream that the letter’s on my mom’s digital clock turned yellow. The clock started talking, & I shrunk & started levitating.

Now, that clock is in my room. I’m not that scared anymore, but I turn it away from my bed. I also unplug my PS2 & TV (the screen still glows a bit otherwise), & hide all glow-in-the-dark objects.

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Only my dad.

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The large metal cabinet in my parents laundry room.

Frankenstein lives in there

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The open sump pump in the corner of the basement. I just knew something horrifying was going to come up out of it one day.

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I was afraid of the cellar and the attic…they still give me the creeps. Also I was afraid of the hot water immersion when I was about 3 yrs…I remember opening the immersion cupboard and I still recall being convinced the immersion heater bit me lol :)

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The oil burner in the basement. It had a glass window so you could see the fire.
“What if it breaks and the fire gets out?!?!”

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I grew up next door to a cemetery – not much scares me.

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When I was little, my grandmother had a really big statue of a bird, I think it was an eagle. But I was playing with a friend, and I swear the statute had moved, because I had a cut across my head and the wing was broken. So she had the stupid thing fixed, and kept it. I never went near that thing again. I was scared of it, because it came out and AT&T’d (reach out and touch somebody) me in the face.

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@worriedguy Or Freddy Kruger!

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Yes. I mentioned it in an earlier thread. In my bedroom hung a framed Victorian print of a little boy saying the lord’s prayer. He cast his eyes upward soulfully and looked sad. And below him was printed out the prayer.
The lines “if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take” scared the crap out of me.

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My grandparents had several ostriches at their farm when I was a kid. They used to make creepy noises at night, which scared me a little before I knew what was making the noise.

That link isn’t working for me at the moment, apologies if it is garbage.

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I am a firm believer in the closet monster.

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I remember when I was like 5 to 7 years old I was afraid to go into our church partor’s basement because I was afraid of the exposed pipes and the water heater LOL LOL LOL

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In the garage of my old house I used to climb up a ladder to the rafters. I could see to the end of the roof and there was a couple of holes where light from outside got in. They looked like very large yellow cat eyes. Scared the hell out of me.

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On the subject of statues that move when you look away… Have you ever seen the Doctor Who episode Blink?

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@Fyrius yes,yes I have.

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I used to be afraid of my Grandma’s bathroom. She had a really big old-fashioned bath, scared the hell out of me for some reason.

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The painting of a huge, red hibiscus flower our parents had hanging in the living room. My sister once pointed out how two of the leaves looked like a scary man. After that, I was afraid to look at it.

I now have the painting in my possession, and I just found out it’s worth about $400. Not so scary anymore.

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My grandmothers house still kinda creeps me out a little… She used to frequent Auctions all the time, so her house is full of ALOT of creepy little dolls, knick Knacks and pictures, she has rooms full of stuff, and she had my sister and I stay in one of those rooms, there were about 100 old, tattered glassy eyed demon dolls all around us, I don’t think I ever got sleep when we stayed with her….

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