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What is a good routine for Nintendogs?

Asked by Swervy (107points) April 23rd, 2010

I am playing a DS game called Nintendogs. I have had so many different routines for it I cant seem to find the right one for me that is easy enough. I want to know what to do with my dogs at what times of each day set out in a daily routine I am having trouble when to take it to comps, when to feed it and other things like when to walk it. Please tell me a basic daily routine for a beginner like me.

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The game revolves around you, the user, there is no routine. Just so long as you walk/feed/play with it at least once a day, you are fine. Nothing bad will ever happen, it’s a game. The dog never dies either. You can only take it to so many competitions each day anyway, once you hit the maximum amount, it just tells you to come back tomorrow. Same with taking the dog for a walk, which you can only do once every 30 minutes or so. I believe if you touch the dog’s face icon, it will tell you how hungry & thirsty they are. Also if they need to be washed. This game has no routine, unless you decide to make one. Just do what you feel like & have fun.

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