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What should I name my new betta buddy?

Asked by wildpotato (14988points) April 23rd, 2010

He’s to be an office fish; a little celebration of my promotion and new permanent workstation.* He’s a half moon betta (though not near as well bred as that fellow), and has a light cream and iridescent green body and dark red fins and tail, shot through with the iridescent green of his body.

I was thinking maybe Mr. Mooney because I have warm childhood memories of The Lucy Show. But the honorific seems a bit formal for such a friendly little guy. Any suggestions?

*This is not an impulse fish to be kept in a cup by my keyboard. He will have a 2.5 gal, food on Saturdays, and a heater and pump if he needs them (my last little guys did, but they seem to be very individual critters so we shall see).

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Betta Boop?

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(By the way, he’s a beauty!)

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I went through a phase of naming mine after Greek letters. Alpha Betta, Gamma Betta, Omega Betta, etc.

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Dr. Moon… wait, that’s just my fangeek showing, sorry.

Hmmm…How about Sprig? he’s green and red (with cream) like a flower bud.

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Luna, Lunar, Titan, Europa, Callisto, Io, or some other moon’s

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Ghealach (phonetically: Ga-luck)
Its Irish for moon. Though it sounds a bit like Klingon. =/

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Hullo, “Gorgeous.”

Betta watch out.

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Beta blocker….maybe he can be the 1st Betta to earn a pharmacology degree. lol

My daughter has a Betta..he is so cool…takes food from your fingers, has personality, watches everything…a fish with presence. haha

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Such a pretty fish! Name him Jetta. Jetta the Betta. Betta getta Jetta. And put on a sweata. We’ll go togetta. How’s the weatta?

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I thought of naming mine “Alpha, the betta” but I eventually just wound up calling him “stupid fish”.

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TameTomato, because it’s the opposite of @wildpotato. Get it?

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