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Are warlocks, gnomes, and elves taking over our minds?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) April 24th, 2010

I stumbled on this video today and almost crapped my pants and at the same time also felt really sad for this girl.

So, what’s really going on here? Is the church brainwashing kids or are gnomes and warlocks really taking over our minds?

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Yes – and I miss mine. Bring it back now!

(I imagine that by now you make sure that you have a good supply of spare pants.)

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Crap, I didn’t watch the whole video. Turns out, it was fake.

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This girl is actually making fun of people who think that. However, many insane people do believe that Harry Potter is anti-Christian and that through it, Satan is possessing the minds of the world’s children. Being a Pothead and agnostic person myself, I know that this is total bs, and that people who think that a children’s book is sending kids to hell have serious issues. But of course they would argue that Harry Potter is what made me agnostic…
Religious extremists these days…

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I’m a Christian. Regarding the video: Why waste your time on something like this? People being “obsessed” with the Bible means that she and her friends aren’t “allowed” to have their own obsessions? What crap.

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This one’s not fake. Skip to 3:30 for the freak show.

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@jaytkay Schools of witchcraft where they can graduate. Good luck passing the tests where you have to cast a spell!

Why is this idea of people practicing witchcraft such a threat to Christianity? What’s really going on here?

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I’m a Christian.

I am a Christian too, but I don’t believe in God – Just Christ. I think that he was mislead about who his daddy was. I mean, after all he had a Jewish mother – that was her story and she stuck to it. Jewish mothers make up the sort history they think that their kid needs to hear. I know a lot of Jewish mothers.

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Of course not. I don’t believe it. I was always told a good book will take you to far away places while reading. And that is what I believe JK Rowling is doing. I guess it depends on how open minded you are to the idea of a good book.

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That might not be the best example of the video. At about 1:30 into her rant, she stops and admits she is just pretending.and making fun.
At both ends of the spectrum “thar be lunatics”.

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Don’t be silly. Its the aliens, not the gnomes.

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Why yes. Yes they are. And a good thing, too. Otherwise the snapdragons would be taking over our minds. And Abyssinia,

We’d all be eating chocolate and reading Cosmo. Or Maxim. Or maybe bananas. Yuck! I hate banans. Give me a good gnome anyday. And did you ever wonder why there’s a g in the front of gnome? Ganome? WTF?

Harry Potter is a character. In a book.

Oh, all right. A movie, too. Maybe a video game. Is there a Harry Potter video game? Lemme ask you this. Is God in a video game? Was he ever filmed in a movie? I mean, because if he was, I want you to introduce me to him.

I can write fantasy, too, you know. Maybe not so good as Luke and Paul and those other fantasists, but I’ve got an idea or two up in the noggin. Well, two, max. And I don’t believe it when people say they have more. Where’s the room? I mean, do they have a door in the side of their heads and they open it and the ideas fall out? Ok, so that’s a bit over the top, but…..

And what’s with the warlocks? I mean war? And locks? Do we lock war up or is this just the lock that can lock a war up and if so, why doesn’t anyone do that? Is the key lost? What is the key to a warlock?

Elves. Rhymes with shelves. You put things on shelves, but do you put things on an elf? Shelves don’t really move by themselves. Do elves? Shelves are where you put bad ideas. Hmmm. Maybe we’ll find elves on shelves.

Ok, I’ve wasted enough of your time. If you’ve read to here, you now know this is a fake. But otherwise, keep on thinking it’s real. It Israel.

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Speak for yourself, nobody’s taking over my mind.

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Did you watch more than half of the video? She critiques the nonsense after her “act”.

Never mind.

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As people have noted above, she wasn’t ‘believing Harry Potter was the devil’ she was talking tongue-in-cheek, actually making a statement about organized religion.

You might have better luck watching the 2 videos “Harry Potter is the Devil” that were listed next to hers.

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Not yet but I could have sworn I saw a Hobbit at the park the other day. Whoa.

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@anartist Yeah, I noticed after a couple minutes. Still a good conversation though as I’m sure some people think it’s true. :)

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Why is this idea of people practicing witchcraft such a threat to Christianity? What’s really going on here?
Well, if you’re practicing witchcraft, you are engaging in one of the more deliberate sins. Witchcraft involves dealing with God’s enemies, which is a Bad Thing. Not for God, but for you, you who are firmly positioning yourself against Him. And power, or the illusion of power, is quite the lure, making the business dangerous for weaker Christians.

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@Nullo Why is this idea of people practicing witchcraft such a threat to Christianity?

Ok, if practicing it pisses God off, how about when you get right?

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@Nullo engaging in one of the more deliberate sins

This was written by man who of course wouldn’t want you to be involved in anything but the rules. That would lead to less power and that just won’t do.

And you make a good point at the end… dangerous and weaker for Christians which I think hits home. Without followers and money, the church would certainly be different and they might not be telling people what they can and can’t do.

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@DarkScribe Could you clarify?

@silverfly No, actually the prohibition on witchcraft comes from God.
My point at the end is that the promise of power can be a stumbling block.

I suggest that you reevaluate your perception of the church.

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