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What's the most awkward moment you've ever overheard?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) April 24th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m having breakfast at a local diner. A couple in their early 20s comes in and they talk loud which is fine. They strike me as a new couple because they’re a bit lovey but they don’t talk about music besides music and TV.

They’re having a good exchange back and forth until she says “I think the reason o hate cats so muc is because I identify so much with them”...

Begin 00:15 of awkward silence. Finally with a profundly nervous giggle she gets up to use the bathroom.

I’m not sure why it was so awkward but clearly it stumped these two.

Anyway it’s reassuring to know awkward moments happen to others besides me.

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In a shopping centre checkout line. Four year old girl. “Mummy, I have been wondering about something. Why do you take your pants off when uncle Robert comes for lunch?

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“Ohhh,,,,shit, shit, shit, shit….I forgot to flush after a deuce and her mom is going to watch the house”. I admit I peed myself a bit whilst holding in a laugh.

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Back in 9th grade, a day before the Art Festival, I was walking down the hallway:
“Amber can’t come to the puppet show tonight!”
”* Gasp!*”

A few days before that, a guy was skipping down the hall:
“I like to lick big cock!” in a singsong voice.

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Two truckers talking about me on the cb.
I busted them and it was funny.They ended up keeping me company on the road during my drive to North Carolina.

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So funny you bring that up. Me & a friend were out to dinner and a couple in their 40’s or 50’s was behind us and from what I could tell it was a first date. The woman talked non-stop about her ex-husband and the poor guy didn’t get a word in. There were many awkward silences, probably when she finally ate, and he never said anything. Then at about the end, she brought up that they had met on one of those dating sites. He got a little loud and said “I don’t tell people about that.” Conversation stopped, they finished eating and left.

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I overheard my parents “shit talking” about me. You know, sarcastic type stuff. That was really painful.

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A fart in an elevator full of one legged windsurfers.Wow that was one tense atmosphere.

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While waiting to be called in line at a pharmacy counter while a customer consultation was going on about instructions for meds to clear up an STD, the side effects and so on as well as counsel of how long to forgo sex with their partner/s and the suggestion to notify the partner/s. There were two lines of several people standing next to the window counter with three people waiting for their own consultations as well as several seats filled. I was one of the sitters and tried not to look at the person as they turned around and walked away with their baggie.

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@FutureMemory Bummer. That had to hurt. :-(

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@FutureMemory Join the club. Usually it happened when they thought I was in bed asleep.

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Recently, I went to a haunted house/corn maze tourist attraction. A large group split up into smaller groups that came together would be briefed on what to do and not to do while looking around the attraction. While we we were waiting for our turn, a girl around 17ish was with her father in the line and he was trying to be funny and completely embarrassing her. He kept saying that people were cutting in line and joking with random strangers… just being a bit of an egg (amusing to me none the less).

After the attraction, while we were walking back to our car, we overheard the girl scream at him “Just leave me alone, I hate you. You are such a drunk. Why do you always have to ruin EVERYTHING, you are a loser and I HATE YOOOOOUUUU!!” The crisp night air fell really quiet.

Un com fortable…

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A math geek talking to himself inside the stall of a restroom. Designing a proof of a complex mathematical problem.

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