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Have you ever heard the expression "Do me a solid"?

Asked by slick44 (3808points) April 24th, 2010

The other day on a t.v shoe someone asked if this person could do them a solid. I had no idea what they were talking about. My kids tell me that it means, to do you a favor. What does this, do me a solid mean to you?

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A solid poop? Excuse my ignorance!

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yes, that’s what it means. It’s a shortened form of “do me a solid favor”.

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this was a popular phrase about 20 or 24 years ago, when i was about 20.

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That is amazing i am 44 years old and have never heard this before.

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my previous boss said it all the time and it drove me up the walls. Like @ZEPHYRA mentioned, for some reason, it always made me think of a bowel movement.

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If someone asked me that, I’d be like, dude no way, I’m not squatting over your chest and taking a dump.

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Nope, sounds like a poop reference.

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Ah yes a doctor may say this to a constipated patient. Or a vet likewise to an ass.

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How does it remind you of poop at all? Even though I’ve heard it doesn’t even remotely make me think of poop.

Somehow you all associate things that are solid with feces.

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I’ve never heard anyone say it.

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I haven’t a clue but I showed this post to some people at work and now they’re all laughing about poop too, no one I’ve asked so far has ever heard this saying.

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I’ve always been under the impression that this is a well known colloquialism for “can you do me a favor?”

I’m surprised by all those who’ve never heard of it at all.

Have you guys been living under a rock somewhere :)

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yeah, it’s a solid favor. maybe it’s an urban thing, or a regional thing (i grew up in New York metro area) – maybe it wasn’t popular in rural areas?

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I have teenage kids, have never heard this and yes it sounds poopy to me

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well thank you all, now i no i am not the only one who was clueless.

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oh, I’ve known what it means for a long time. But from the first time to the last, I still associate it with poop.

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