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Where do we go to seek clarity?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20791points) April 24th, 2010

Is there a place where we can do so and get answers? Is the mind the only place for that?

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So you’re not including Fluther?

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Oh yes, Fluther is an obvious venue!!!!

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So – in addition to Fluther, which either aids or obfuscates clarity on any given day, I would say reading for factual matters, and friends, husband and sons for reality checks and situational/emotional issues. I have come to trust the clarity of my own mind much more in recent years, but bouncing off other brains is a help when I’m down in the mud.

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Everyone has their own means for this.

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You should read, not just books (any books that interest you, not just ones deemed to be intellectual or spiritual) but use the internet too, listen to good music and just gather up as much information as you can, then you can build upon others ideas and come up with your own.

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The driver’s seat. It puts me in control and allows me to think things through.

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