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Do entrepreneurs cry?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) April 24th, 2010

I want to be an entrepreneur but I just don’t cry.

Maybe I need to cry before I’m ready to take real risks…?

Would like to know your perspective and perhaps personal experience on the matter… thanks

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Only bad entrepeneurs cry.

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Do whuuuut?

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I don’t get it. Didn’t know that crying was a trait you must possess in order to be an entrepreneur.

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I cry laughing when I see Donald Trump’s crazy hairstyle.Just thought i’d throw that in the mix.

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I would imagine so. Especially if they fail

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I know what you mean. I believe that what he is trying to say is that everyone who starts off in that business, has to take losses. Yes entrepenures cry, but only at the beginning. After some years experience when they make money they dont, unless they go backrupt or the business flops, then they cry again.

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Richard Branson does.Poor man’s still a virgin,aww bless.

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May I ask what is the business that you are getting into?

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You’re perfect! Being a heartless monster is the most important qualification for being an entrepreneur.

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They probably do if there isn’t any profit margin in the business that they own.

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All of the entrepreneurs I know are cry babies.

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Um… I’m ‘self employed’ with a struggling business…. I just remember there’s good news… It’s just up to ME to make a go of things. No boss telling me what to do!

Then, there’s the bad news… It’s just up to ME to make a go of things. No boss telling me what to do!

I only cry tears of joy because I get to create my own stuff AND my own working hours!

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Why shouldn’t they cry? there are occasions when, to avoid murder or mayhem, crying does the trick. Have you never wept with rage?

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Yes they cry and they cry a lot. They cry when they see the cost of the loan, they cry some more when they get the weekly bills and payroll they have to pay, they cry when an employee calls in sick for the 4 day in a row, they cry when they count the thousands of dollars they earn and can’t decide what to do with it all.

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I’m a free spirited, self employed entrepreneurish type, rarely cry…whats to cry about?

Shit..I just was solicited for yet another creative venture today in a local tourist shop. Multiple offers of creative communion…I can’t STOP finding creative jobs….everyone wants me!

I said ‘yes’...uh oh…maybe time to start crying, how much can one woman do? lololol

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Naw – they just get better with age.

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@Coloma You and me, girl! We rock! When creativity abounds, don’t get in our way!

@Cruiser why do people think that just because you work for yourself you’re raking in dough? I did accounting for small business for years and I can tell you the opposite is often more true for YEARS before people start seeing any type of decent salary for themselves. It takes the support of spouses and family and friends to start a business and get it to a level where it will simply support a family.

Viva les Entrepreneurs!

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