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How can I keep my hair looking neat in a ponytail?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) February 7th, 2007
I have very fine straight hair, which starts out the day in a nice little ponytail but starts to whisp out pretty quickly. Soon I will be a big-kid lawyer and have to spend all day in court, and I want to look as professional as possible. Any suggestions for products or strategies to keep the whispies to a minimum?
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i had long hair in high school and when i needed it to stay neat i borrowed some lightweight gel from my sisters. done deal.
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hairspray--that's what it's for, also I have some really nice Jasmine hair oil, but it's got a girly smell and I couldn't tell your gender, but I wouldn't recommend for a man.
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Would fine straight hair lend itself to a nice, pretty, trim haircut, thereby obviating the pony tail? Do you live in a humid climate? Elastic tends to break hair, anyway, giving you more wisps. Hairspray often turns hair into helmets, and who wants to inhale the mist anyway Good luck w. being a big-kid lawyer.
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gel and hairspray can create a yucky "helmet head" appearance. I think the best bet is some bobby pins or barrettes.
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Aveda makes some nice products designed for hold without the shine or helmety-ness, so your hair still feels natural.

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