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Have any of you worked on a cruise ship?

Asked by lxlericalxl (49points) March 11th, 2008

I hate my job and I hate living at home, so im looking into it. I know its a lot of hours and a long time away, but i think thats what i need. Anyone have input to share? Thanks!

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I haven’t, but I know people who have (as tech folks on the shows). You definitely should talk to people who worked for the specific cruise line that you are thinking of working for, as the conditions vary significantly from company to company.

Most of the “general” workers on a cruise ship are from countries you probably haven’t heard of (well, maybe you have, but I don’t remember where). It’s very tough to get a job as a deck hand or galley slave or whatnot if you are an American, unless you have some specific skill (that is, you spent 10 years crewing ferries or worked on cargo ships or have a BFA in Technical Theater from a Prestigious Institution)

Any of the work, regardless, can be tough, can be weird, and is likely really really boring. You will mostly see the inside of a ship, the same ship, the same part of the same ship, for 6 months. You’ll get a little sun, you’ll get a little sea breeze, but you will not experience a cruise. Many companies have contracts such that when your “primary” duties aren’t necessary, you do “secondary” duties. This might be cleaning staterooms or compacting trash.

The upside to this is that as long as you don’t blow your money on gambling, alcohol or drugs, you will end up with a TON of savings at the end of your contract.

Start sending out resumes and cover letters to the cruise ship companies, and once you interview, ask them specific questions and see if there’s someone in a similar job you can talk to.

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