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If i give you the analysis, can you tell me the dream?

Asked by rebbel (31525points) April 24th, 2010

Why not reverse the dream analyzing for one time?
I’ll give you my analysis, can you then tell what my dream is going to be when i go for sleep in some hours?

So, ok, it’s obvious to me that i love my girlfriend very much and i have a difficult time because she is 3000 miles away from me.
I also have a love-hate relationship with money.
And of course there is my fear of knives.

Well, i am curious!

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Hey fluther, I had this weird dream, can you tell me what it means?

I was sitting in an empty room staring at a telephone when a sense of dread came over me. The phone rang. I expected a call from my girlfriend, but it was the collection agency. The agent told me his name was Jack and an image of Jack the Ripper’s flashing blade suddenly flashed before my eyes. Then I woke up and realized that I have $10,000 in my bank account and my credit score is 790.

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Can you tell me what this dream means?

I was sailing a boat across a vast ocean. There was a mermaid on the rocks playing a haunting tune. I let go of the rudder as I was caught by the hypnotic melody and my ship was dashed to bits on the jagged, knife-edged rocks. As I sank to a watery grave, I realized that all the waves were actually dollar bills.

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Everytime I am stressed I dream of crashing my car…duh…an out of control feeling. lol

Your GF is far away, but you doubt not. Thats a good thing.

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with money…but…if you see money as a love substitute you’ll need to work on that.

Money 101…spend some, save some, give some away.


A fear of being wounded….or a need to ‘cut’ something out of your life perhaps?


Wow..thats a complex dream…have a couch handy? lolol

Drowning in money….????

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I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together

I still don’t know what it means.

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Maybe you are Martin Luther King reincarnated.

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(A scary thought.)

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I once dreamed that cockroaches were coming of my nose when I blew it. :-0

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This is like Jeopardy.

What does my dream mean? What should I do?

So, I’m standing in a canoe in the middle of an ocean. I have no paddle. I’m getting close to shore – I can see my girlfriend waving at me in the distance. But then she turns, distracted by a party going on in a house behind her. She starts to walk into the trees of her island to join the festivities.

I call out to her to wait, but she can’t hear me. I reach into my pocket to find a cell phone, but instead all I’ve found is money. Bah! Money! It’s no use out here! I toss it into the ocean, but then realize that I may need that money once I get to the party. So I lean over the edge of the boat… almost… almost got it… * SPLASH! * I fall into the dark waters.

My plunge creates a whirlpool, which sucks me deeper and deeper. I can see at the bottom of the pool, in the very center, a collection of knives sticking up at me. I try to swim away, but my legs stop working. The water turns me to face the knives and suddenly -

I wake up. ZOMG I totally don’t get what this dream means. Like, what do you guys think?

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I had a dream where I met rangerr and Sarcasm in a dorm room. So sarcasm was eating raw pink meat wrapped in burger king wrappers and there was a bowl of chopped pineapples in the middle of the room. As I grabbed a piece, someone (I didn’t turn around) behind me started talking with the two and went away. I asked them what he said, and Sarcasm was like “Goddamnit Wes, you should’ve listened”. Then I yelled “Well sorry! I was eating pineapples and thinking about tits”. If you can explain what this means, I’ll pay you.

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I think your only hope is some serious Jungian therapy. lol

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@Michael_Huntington Why would I be in a dorm with Sarc? Why would you come visit us?

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@dpworkin My gawd, you’re dreaming of the Great Leveler! Maybe that’s one of the many names of god.

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I was on an airplane, flying to see my girlfriend, when a stewardess realized she gave everyone knives with their lemon-broiled chicken. Everyone started fighting, but I just tried to eat my meal, but when I cut into it, spiders came out I woke up and found myself in bed with Ben Franklin. I’m not sure if I fucked him, or he fucked me.
Then I woke up for real. The bed had a wet spot, but it was smeared on my ass.

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Lemon broiled chicken? What airline were you last airline meal was nastier than usual…lol

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Why do you list “Kittens” in the topics?

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