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How do you close a Police Baton?

Asked by Bugabear (1707points) April 25th, 2010

I recently bought a Police Baton for self defense and I cant get the darned thing closed again. It isn’t an ASP baton though I didn’t know that when I bought it.

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Q The baton seems very difficult to close.
A The ASP Baton was designed in a manner to assure that it would not collapse accidentally. This is due to the deadlock taper of the unit. There is a specific manner in which the baton can be easily closed. This procedure is described on the sheet included with each baton and covered fully in each training class. (Hint: Tap the head of the baton , rotate, tap , rotate, tap. This usually works)”

I found that here

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You simply rap it sharply on the base. Slam it down onto a hard surface.

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Buying a stuff you are not even able to use and aiming at harming other people shows your highly evolved behavior…

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You slam it end on against something, preferably cement, since it can take a chunk out of whatever you’re banging it on. Next time, don’t put so much torque in the wrist when you open it and it’ll be easier to close.

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On someon’s melon or maybe not ;)

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@jerv It’s not an ASP. And tried that. @Mulot Because highly evolved people people use words when jumped in the streets. Actually highly evolved people use the power of science to defend themselves, but my Government in all it’s wisdom banned Tasers. @CodePinko I wish everything worked like the Internet.

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@Bugabear I thought that most of them used the same locking-taper design and therefore would work the same way. My bad.

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@jerv. Thats what I thought. And mine does. But I can’t rotate the head. It’s completely stuck. If nothing works I think I’ll get some lube and try and loosen it up. And I couldn’t find their instruction manual anywhere on the internet.

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