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Any brilliant idea to create more income while you are still keeping your full-time job?

Asked by schna (49points) April 25th, 2010

I am recently tied up in financial difficulty. i am thinking about how i can create additional income without disturbing my work. Maybe any special recipe (hehe), any good product can sell, or any low-capital business. I cannot stay in my condition too long because i have to do something about it, and i also have done some other part-time job, but the income is still low. But please note, i am looking for decent thing :-).
If you can provide me good ideas, you have helped me a lot.
Thank you

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sell your DVD’s and video games on ebay.

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You could make something. Even vinyl bowls. Records are cheap at thrift stores. If you have a Saturday Market where you live you could get a booth and sell them.

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Decide what you’re willing to do for $5.

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I can help you eliminate two possibilities: farming and writing. Both are losing propositions.

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Online surveys? I joined a few online survey websites and, although it won’t make me my millions, I have earned a few quid here and there. I also work a few extra hours as a receptionist (after my normal day job) on a casual basis (they call me if they need someone) and I can usually get between £50—£100 extra a month with that. I babysit too and usually get about £5 an hour for that.

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Deliver newspapers in your neighbourhood in the (early) morning.
Don’t know how much, but i heard you can make a sweet little buck with that.

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@netgrrl Very cool site!!!! Thanks..;)

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You can make some decent coin on weekends (and have fun) twisting balloons.

The initial investment is minimal for a couple of books and initial supplies like a hand pump and some spaghetti balloons.

Find the nearest street busking spot in your locale, make yourself a big tall ballon hat and wear it. Pretty soon you’ll have a line of adults and kids willing to put money in your hands.

The learning curve for this is not at all steep. After reading through my first book of basics, I was out selling them the next day. The better you get at it, the quicker you become and the more money you make.

Regardless of the crappy economy, many people still have an extra few bucks to drop on an impulse buy that puts a smile on their face.

The best part is that you are your own boss and you control your work hours and how much you can make.

T. Myers Magic is one good source of REASONABLY priced supplies and you always get fresh balloons since he refrigerates his stock and has a high turnover.

Think about it.

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My cousin made and sold cheesecakes to the local eateries and restaurants. But you have to be home for the baking time.

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Thank you for everyone’s ideas, i am considering now… still waiting for more ideas…haha

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Focus groups are another good option – they are not steady income, but are a nice little bonus every once in a while.

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