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What kind of an experience is involved in a past life regression?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) April 25th, 2010

I’ve always wanted to have one. I think it’s be really interesting. Maybe I’m just gullible, but has anyone ever had one? What was it like? Did you find out anything interesting about yourself or was it a crock of “you-know-what”?

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yes, i was the asp that bit Cleopatra, this being so, i realised the purpose of my current incarnation is to continue very much in the same vein, to bite anybody who alludes to Cleopatra as a past life or indeed any similarly preposterously, pretentious, preincarnation.

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It will be a delusory one! Enjoy!

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I have always thought that it might be possible that whatever eras we have a strong feeling towards might point to something.
I have always had a thing for the antebellum south from cival war times and 16th century europe.
Have never done past life regression work but have had some fun readings, just because.

It’s all about being open minded..have fun with it!

Have fun with it, but don’t overly attach.

One never knows! ;-)

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@Coloma I’ve got a real thing about the 60’s. I love the music, movies, history. It always seems to be a coincidence. I dunno.

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Maybe it is ( isn’t) ? :-)

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@py_sue My advice is to have it done by 3 separate people, and not tell them they are being tested. Tape the sessions so you can objectively compare the answers and you’ll have a sense of how plausible the whole thing is.

If you view it as entertainment like going to a magic show (the lady doesn’t REALLY get cut in half and put back together), then I don’t think it’s all that harmful. Although I could think of more entertaining things to spend my money on.

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@gorillapaws I know. I just think it’d be really interesting to do. I tried reading my palm yesterday, no frigging clue what I’m doing or if it means anything. I like your idea, though. Thanks. :)

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I know a number of people who have done it. They say it helps them understand their current situation. It helps understand relationships and goals in life. Myself, I think it’s hooey. Well, not totally hooey. Like other forms of ‘reading,’ I think the person giving the reading is reading the personality of the person receiving the reading. To the extent the practitioner is any good at reading people, the regression or whatever could be helpful.

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@py_sue “I just think it’d be really interesting to do.” People have fun doing all sorts of things that I don’t particularly enjoy. If you think this is something that would be fun, then go for it, but you should probably arm yourself with a little knowledge about things like cold reading so you can be aware of how they’re doing what they’re doing. Cold reading is truly a form of art, and people who can do it well are really amazing to watch, but they’re not endowed with mystical powers, just the ability to read people’s non-verbal communication and make statements that seem specific but are actually quite broad and will resonate with most people.

Take a look at this video it starts off weird with the clown, but you can skip that if you want.

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i believe that no body get the experience of his previous life regression,every one wants to experience everything solely by themselves,so if he is a wise man, he will not repeat the same fault again.otherwise he will reapet that again and again.

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