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Can you remember the first time you went to the cinema, what was the movie, who did you go with?

Asked by ucme (50037points) April 25th, 2010

Mine was with my parents & brothers we went to see Jaws.Can you recall your first cinematic experience?

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I’m pretty sure it was Batman.

Came out in June of ‘89, so I would have been… three and a half. Sounds about right. The memory is very, very vague. My dad was the one that took me.

The first one I really remember seeing was the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, “The Secret of the Ooze”. I could probably still quote most of that movie. ^_^

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My Aunt took me to see “Around the World in 80 Days” when it was first released. I also saw “101 Dalmatians” on its first release, and I’m not sure which came first.

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Cinderella and my older brothers ditched me in the theatre.

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Snow White. the Magic Mirror scared me.

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I can’t remember my very first. But the first one that I can remember is this:
It was my friend Edgar’s birthday, and about 12 of us piled into his parents’ van and we went to see the remake of Planet of the Apes. That was 2001 so I guess I was 11 at the time.

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I’m pretty sure it was one of the first ones i saw, with my big brother.
It was Bugsy Malone.

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The first one I remember was The Lion King. That’s frustrating, because I know that was actually the second movie that I saw in a cinema, but I can’t for the life of me remember the first one. I went to The Lion King with just my mother. Whatever the first movie was, I went there with my mom and my sister.

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Snow white I was maybe 5.

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Aladdin, I was two and I went with my mom =]

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It was back in elementary school. I think it was a Care Bear movie.

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I was 5, my grandmother took me and I spent most of the time under the seat due to cowboys and indians offing each other. John Wayne may have been the star. Fenced-in forts, bugles, horses and blue uniforms with gold buttons.

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There were many before this but the first I remember is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, of course). It might be that the movie left such a lasting impression on me that that is the one I remember first. I still cannot bring myself to see the new one because the original was that good.

My father took me and I was about 9.


I think I was about 4 or 5 years-old. I went to see the movie “Grease” (starring John Travolta). I can still hear the annoying songs from that movie in my head after all these years! Lol.

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Same, my mom took me to Aladdin. She says that even during the loud action scenes I managed to sleep like a log.
Good thing she still got me the VHS, though. I watched it until the tape went squiggly.

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Some people in this thread are making me feel old… again.

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It’s okay, some people in this thread are making me feel like a baby, lol.

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I must be the oldest person here. The first movie I ever saw had Bing Crosby in it! “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”.
My mother took me, in the afternoon; I was about five; I had no idea the people weren’t real, so I talked to them; my mother was displeased.

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@susanc Excellent movie! and I think you are in the running.

@squidcake I often feel old. :P

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about 20 years ago, I saw the first movie animation ever made of the “Care Bears”.
Since that I love the bears, but I don’t like the new once painted, something is missing. I liked the old ones from that movie.


@Arisztid Don’t worry my friend——John Travolta and Olivia Newton John can be Grandpa and Grandma now——to think I watched that movie so long ago——SIGH!! lol

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It was Spartacus and I went with an aunt and a cousin.

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I was five, it was Walt Disney’s Snow White (no, not in its first run in 1937, thanks—a major re-release in the 1950s), and I went with a neighbor and her son, who was my age. I was absolutely fascinated. He was a baby. He covered his eyes and cried when the witch appeared: “Is the witch going to eat Snow White?”

No VCRs in those days. Most households didn’t even have televisions yet; we didn’t. So it was a totally engrossing, unforgettable experience like nothing else in my young life.

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Gadzooks do I feel old now! The 1st movie I can remeber seeing was “Taxi Driver” With Robert DeNiro “You talking to me? Well I am the only one here” I especially remember the ending when that guy got the dome of his head blew off. In that time that was quite gory however today’s fare makes that look like a walk in the park

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OMG! Exactly what @Jeruba. Snow White. But at the end of the movie my mom and aunt tried to go out the exit in the theater rather than back out in the lobby. I started crying and dug in my heels, because I was afraid that the witch/dragon was somehow behind the screen.

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Sleeping Beauty?

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Snow White and the witch-queen

The dragon of Sleeping Beauty, alternate manifestation of the wicked fairy Maleficent (this movie came out in 1959)

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@Seek_Kolinahr Well, all my life I’ve said Snow White. But you’re right, the dragon was in Sleeping Beauty. Crap, who knows? I’ve slept since then. I think that I did see Snow White first but the memory of being afraid of the dragon is from Sleeping Beauty.

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Sleeping Beauty was always my favourite.

She was the only one whose prince actually had to fight for her (until Beauty and the Beast), and there was just something awesome about Maleficent calling on “All the powers of HELL!” to transform into that freakish dragon.

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I don’t remember the first movie I saw, but I have many memories of going with my parents to the movie theatre for a double feature. Additionally, my mom used to take us to Disney movies when they would come to town, especially Mary Poppins. When my sister and I were older, I think my mom would go find a six year old to take to the theatre so she could see Mary Poppins again. My father several times took me to the drive in.

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This is not answering the question, rather telling the first musical performance I saw. I saw Andres Segovia play in the mid to late 1960’s. I remember that they brought out books for me to sit on because I was so short due to being about 5 years old.

My father told me that I was the perfect gentleman through it, enjoying it immensely. I even remember seeing the Grandmaster making his slow way to the stool, was handed his guitar, and he shed about 30 years as he started to play.

I still sigh a bit when I remember that. It left such an impression that I remember snippets of that concert to this day.

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We went to the movies every Saturday matinee from as early as I can remember – around 4 or so. They were often serials, which would run four or five weeks long; Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Superman, Gene Autry and cartoons. The theater also had ‘talent shows’ between shows, and I started my performing days there, even though I had very little to zero talent, I still won free popcorn – as the youngest performer there.

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I know it was definately a Disney film but I can’t remember which one and I think I went with my Grandparents.

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The first one I remember is my dad taking me to see The Little Mermaid. :D

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My first in-theater movie was The Neverending Story. My parents said I didn’t make it too far into the movie before I was scared and cried. We left, and they were given a full refund. Can you see that happening today? I was three; that would be twenty-six years ago.

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I remember seeing Mary Poppins. It came out in 1964, so I’d have been around 6 years old. I’m sure I probably went to movies before that, but that’s the first I really remember.

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We always went to the drive-in, and I don’t remember what the first one was, but the first one that I remember was It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World in CinemaScope. Big, curved screen. Huge sound.
The next one I remembe was A Hard Day’s Night with my sisters. I couldn’t hear the movie because of all the screaming from all the girls in the theater.

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The first movie I saw (or remember seeing) was The Red Balloon. I don’t remember it being in a theater, though.

I think my first real cinema movie was Mary Poppins.

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I think it might have been The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the drive-in with my folks.

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I think the first movie I’ve seen with my family was probably Titanic. I’ve must’ve slept through the whole thing.
The first movie I saw by myself was Inglourious Basterds.

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@susanc: You are the oldest person where?

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@filmfann I LOVED It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World when I was a kid. That is definetly one of the movies I remember seeing with my parents. And, I remember seeing West World with my dad at the drive in and it kind of scared me.

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My family went to the drive-in quite often as a child. We saw all of those Kurt Russell Disney movies. You know the ones, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The World’s Greatest Athlete, etc.

The first time I remember going without my parents was to see Popeye with my little sister. We bought a bag of Hersheys miniature candy bars and sat in the front row. We left with cricks in our necks and horrible stomach pains!

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The first movie experience I remember was Jurassic Park, and sitting on my mothers lap being scared of the raptors. I was 7.

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@casheroo: Jurassic Park was my first non-animated theater experience. :D Again, with my dad.

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My dad took me to see Sleeping Beauty at the Pickwick in Chicago when I was four.

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The first Memory I have of going to the cinema (theater) is Terminator 2. TECHNICALLY, bambi was the first one, but I only remember parts. Terminator 2, I remember the WHOLE experience, it’s also the first and only movie to make me cry. (Now I now why humans cry)

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@squidcake I as well slept through the entire movie. My mother (then pregnant with my little sister) also took a nice long nap haha

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My favorite memories of the good old days of movies was the weekly trip to the drive in movie. Dad went early enough for us to play on the playground for awhile, and then eat the hot dogs and popcorn from the snack bar. He pulled the car forward on the big hump until we could see the screen from the back seat, and after the movie started, all three of us kids would fall asleep and only wake up in the line to get out of the drive in, which sometimes took a half hour.

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@gailcalled – “here” in this room with Foxy and GrisGris, neither of whom have ever been invited inside a movie theater, even though each of them could get the under-13 rate.

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The first movie at the theater that I can remember was either The Shaggy Dog or Around the World in 80 Days when they first came out back in the late 50’s. I went with my Mom’s hair stylist’s daughter, Karen Hendrickson. I wonder what ever happened to her?

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Snoopy, must have been 4 or so. The local cinema, my babysitter took me. Even though my grandfather owned a cinema, they tore it down just before I turned 2, so I never got the chance to watch a movie there.

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On a very hot day in NYC, my mother took me to see a movie to get the air conditioning—it was Anna Karenina and I remember the death scene vividly—it was not a child’s movie. I must have been four or so. I also remember seeing, on a more conscious level, Around the World in 80 Days—with a huge screen. I think my parents may have known someone connected to making that film, and I think as a result we sat up close (this knowing the person may not be true, however) and it was very exciting and wonderful. I also remember seeing Dumbo, and being horrified at the mother dying—I would keep little children away from that one. Another one I saw when very young was Red Shoes, which they have just reclaimed from the dust heap, and I would love to see again.

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Do you know, it was probably Enter The Dragon at a Grand Rapids, MI drive-in in 1973. I would’ve been 4, and it would’ve been with my 25 year old aunt, her then-bf and her son. I remember the little white speakers one had to hook up through the car window, and the smell of greasy popcorn, and the people who must have been teens and young adults, but were to me really old, big people. I remember that her bf loved karate flicks and I we saw a lot of them because my aunt couldn’t afford a sitter for us.

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The Great Mouse Detective, I think. It would’ve been with my mother and my sister. I still love that movie.

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That movie is incredible and definitely did not get the recognition it deserved. :(

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Yes, it was with my first serious boyfriend. December 1995, we saw The Craft.

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@Sophief You didn’t go to the movies til you were 15–16?

I remember seeing Star Wars when it came out in ‘77. I was all of four years old.

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@FutureMemory I saw Empire Strikes Back twice the day it opened

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@FutureMemory There were not films I wanted to watch at 4. I wasn’t interested.

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In 1963, when I was 3 years old, Bambi was re-released by Disney. My mother took me to see it. I grew up in Bath, Maine, and there was 1 screen in town, at the old Opera House. It was a beautiful venue, everything in red velvet; the curtain in front of the screen, hanging curtains on the walls, on the seats. Ornate gold-leaf-covered woodwork. It made quite an impression, and I’ve loved movies ever since, albeit in somewhat more ‘casual’ surroundings.

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