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When you were at school, what were some ingenious or maybe clumsy excuses you gave for failing to hand in any homework?

Asked by ucme (45478points) April 25th, 2010

On ocassion for whatever reason homework is left undone.A myriad of excuses are fabricated, some good some not so.Far be it for me to condone or encourage lies or indeed lazy practices as failure to complete homework clearly is.However no one is perfect it happens from time to time & a good excuse is needed.So what were some you gave?

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The first time I was ever reprimanded in school was in 1st grade. We were remodeling the basement and I didn’t do my homework.
I told the teacher that the construction guys were using all the pencils and paper in the house, so I didn’t have one to use.

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Well, one time my cat knocked over a vase that shattered on and ruined my math workbook.
And that was real. But you can bet my teacher didn’t believe me.

I think when I was really young I might have made up something about the power going out and the teacher said something along the lines of “Oh, just at your house, then?”
Otherwise I’ve been way too afraid to make anything up. I just bow my head in shame.

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My grandmother died many many times, ‘bless her soul’.

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I try and say I was reeeeeeeaaaallllly sssssiiiiiccccccccckk, but you know some grumpy teachers, they never beliave itxD

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I could never seem to be bothered to make something up. Whenever asked for my homework, or asked why it wasn’t done, I just said that I didn’t do it, or a one worder like, cuz, or, I denno. Most teachers just left it at that.

Was a hopeless case. ’‘Sheepish smile’’


I once told my teacher that the lens to my eyeglasses popped out of the frames, and I couldn’t put it back in. And because I have trouble focussing on nearby objects with only one eyeglass lense, I couldn’t do my homework. I finally got the optical shop to put the lens back in, but I had to wait til morning when they opened. I was about 15 at the time. Lol-lol.

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@Symbeline Yeah with some teachers I just knew they had a sixth sense,didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of dissecting my lie.

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The dog ate it. No… really it did.

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“It took too long and my mom told me to go to bed.”

…The true excuse for a lot of elementary school math homework. I remember sitting at the table in absolute torture for hours every night trying to figure that crap out. Numbers are complete static in my head.

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I’d shuffle through my bookbag pretending to look for it

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@MRSHINYSHOES Ooh you cunning little bugger. @Lightlyseared Ahh that old classic my dog must have ate a book full.

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During an unexpected Alien Abduction on the way to school, the one snoopy grey was reading my brilliantly written homework assignment and kept it for their own uses for their developemental research department. And told me to tell anyone who gives me trouble about it, that they are next if I don’t receive an A, because They are watching.

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@ucme… once again, ha ha ha ha ha ha

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It is all due to my limited sense of responsibility is what I used to say. I got some strange looks from the teachers!

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The other day I heard a girl saying- “My cousin spilled Coke all over it and I couldn’t bring it all soggy!” Hehehehe!

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If I didn’t have it I didn’t offer an excuse.

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Once I “spilled my drink” on my homework.

I only did that once, not because of the teacher, rather my father:

I came home to face him with his arms crossed, an eyebrow raised, addressed me by both my first and middle names, telling me that he is not pleased and had better never hear of such behaviour again.

My teachers and my father had a close relationship because he made sure of it.

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“I was way too baked.”

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My dad works for the CIA and my homework got classified. I could show it to you, but then I’d have to kill you.

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Hard drive crashed the computer or the Printer was out of ink.

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“My mom took the incentive to clean my desk off, & accidentally threw it away.”

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For my male teachers, I’d use the “time of the month” card. Worked like a charm:]

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I remember in English being asked where it was…. I responded “Oh, I dont care!”

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It’s in the box with Schroedinger’s cat—it’s both done and not done.

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