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Men's Style: Is linen clothing wearable, or should I go back to Cuba?

Asked by coogan (687points) April 25th, 2010

I have a few articles of linen clothing: a pair of beige Express pants, an off-white shirt, and a canary yellow shirt. They’re loud, and I wore them well. Should I even keep them to wear to the beach, or will I look like a tourist/grandpa Tommy Bahama?

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They sound nice. Linen looks fine in the appropriate climes. I wouldn’t wear it in Manhattan. Florida, why not?

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Sure, wear them when at the shore.

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Linen is awesome warm-weather material. Summer’s coming up fast – don’t let that stuff go now!

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I definitely wear linen in the summer. Go for it!

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True, but I don’t live by the beach. And now that Jersey Shore is popular, I see a bunch of d-bags emulating them and don’t want to look like I’m doing the same. It is comfy and breaths awesome. It’s hard to decide.

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Linen is elegant summer wear. If you wear them well, wear them.


A nice crisp linen shirt and tie would go nicely with Bermuda shorts and long-over-the-calf men’s dress socks. I think it looks classy and gentlemanly. Be sure, however, that the shirt you wear is nicely pressed and that socks are not heavy, but of Spandex/nylon thin material. Navy or black socks are best——

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Dude, you’re a man. Wear what you want, and don’t worry about what anyone thinks.
I out and bought a pair of sandals today. My wife said: Oh, those look very nice. Don’t you think so?
I looked at her and laughed. I only care how they feel.


@filmfann It’s unfortunate women are enslaved by clothes and fashion, and worrying about if that dress makes them look fat or if those shoes go well with the skirt. Men are free from those chains, yet they should still try to look their best and dress nicely. Women appreciate that.

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Of course you can still wear those pieces. I see you are in FL, so if the shirt is a “Cuban” shirt and you are in south FL, people will equate it with Cuba, they will recognize the style but everywhere else they won’t. Linen is still fashionable in the summer everywhere in the US. No preocupes.

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@coogan: It sounds like a gorgeous outfit. Who gives a flying fig what other people think?

Even Sydney Greenstreet wore white linen suits in tropical movies.

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Now I want to see a picture of you in your fancy duds!

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@janbb : You talkin ta me? Jeans, a yellow tee from a used clothing store and a burgundy fleece jacket

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Actually, I was talking to coogan.

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As long as they’re solid colors, and not parrot prints, why not? Beige linen pants with a dark blue pressed t-shirt looks sharp, as does a white linen shirt with khakis. The canary yellow might be a bit questionable, but perhaps with madras plaid with yellow in it?

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A nice pair of beige linen pants. I’ll rock them anyplace in the summer. And with a sexy tan….well I’m what “Willis was talkin’ about” baby.

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I am a lover of linen clothes.

I use linen pants for outdoor events during late spring/summer. Linen shirts are wearable whenever it’s warm. White button down linen shirt with jeans and a cotton blazer works well, I even use a baby blue guayabera style linen shirt with kakis once in a while.

If you can pull it off it’s a great look.

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They sound like keepers.

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