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Could You marry or date someone who was going deaf, and could you handle the problems that would arise?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) April 25th, 2010

Could you marry or date someone who was going deaf? Would you care what other people thought? How would you handle the deaf person?

This is a hypothetical question.

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It seems rather inconsequential. I’m surprised you bothered to ask.

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Yes. Of course. Of course, I’d have to learn to sign so I could nag.~

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Of course. In my demographic it would probably come with the territory if I were to marry again.

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Yes. I did. It didn’t get that bad, though.

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I certainly could. In fact, judging by the look on my SO’s face and the fact that he tends to cover his ears in my shrillest moments that are of course few and far between, it could be a benefit to both of us. I’ll even do you one better! I am engaged to a guy who can’t walk!

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I actually dated a girl who was deaf for a few months. It was fine, there were never any issue with it nor did even really considered what anyone else thought. I suppose that’s not quite the same as being with someone whose going deaf though as she had already long since adapted by the time we met. Someone in the process may have a lot more issues to deal with in terms of treating, adapting, or accepting depending on how/why they are going deaf and how rapidly it’s happening. Still, if I was interested or already considering marrying them, I don’t see that it would change my feelings or desire for them – provided it doesn’t change who they inherently are.

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Yes, with great zeal.

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Could you marry or date someone who was going deaf? If we connected, shared a bond and loved each other, I dont see why not. It wouldn’t be convenient but when are relationships ever always convenient?

Would you care what other people thought? No. Being gay, for one, requires you not to “care” about what people think of your love life if you expect to have a tangible, successful one. It takes a lot of dignity to respond to certain social aspects with a bold “I dont care”.

How would you handle the deaf person? I guess I’d yell at them until they’ve lost their hearing ability completely. Then I guess I’d be restricted to pen and paper or sign language – or something. Looking on the bright side, I’d be able to blast my music as loud as I wanted to in the car or at home without any fuss.

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I certainly could…. I’d just learn to sign.

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Yes of course I would. Would I care what people thought? No.

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Not to minimize anything, but on the scale of horrible things that could happen, this is not in my top ten. I can think of lots of things that would be more difficult to deal with than this. Everybody has issues (some bigger than others) and this is just part and parcel of loving someone.

Care about what anyone thinks? Please. Are there really still people who would think anything negative about this? In 2010???

The biggest effect it would have on me would be providing support the one going deaf. There’s got to be a mourning process that happens and I would be very concerned with being there for my loved one.

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Certainly, why not? Like @crankywithakeyboard says, on the scale of difficulties it’s not anywhere close to the top.

I don’t care what people who think that being deaf is somehow a shameful thing think, to be honest.

I’d learn sign language. I’ve always wanted to, anyway, just other things have taken priority. :)

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“Can you cook,
Can you sew?
Well, I don’t want to know,
‘Cause that’s not what you need
On the inside
To make the time go.”
Jethro Tull, “Inside”, the “Benefit” album

Whether it’s dating, looking for a spouse, or any relationship, the minute I concern myself with the external, I minimize if not negate, “unconditional” love and caring. With me, that is just not acceptable.

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Of course I could, why wouldn’t I?

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…... Is there any chance of swapping the deaf partner for a mute one? ;)

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