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How do you deal with stress?

Asked by LalenaMikala (57points) April 25th, 2010

I am stressed out and I want to relax and let it go…
I feel like I am going through a cycle of torment because I cannot get my mind off of things I have to do! Maybe it is procrastination, but it is also an overload of deadlines! Any suggestions? How do you deal with stress…and/or procrastination?

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My favourite stress relief tip of all. Take a relaxing bath. Add music,
candles and a glass of your favourite drink: beer, tea, hot chocolate, wine
or even champagne. Close the door and forget about everything else for
an hour or so. This helps to increase levels of calmness and the calmer we
feel, the less likely we are to get stressed out or depressed. A luxurious way
to find stress relief.Comedy night: get in your favourite nibbles: chips, tortillas, salsa, crackers, cheese, pizza, chocolate, cookies, ice cream etc. Crack open a bottle of wine or
pour yourself a beer or two and spend a full evening watching your favourite
funny films or comedians. Finding stress relief through laughter will raise your
spirits and is a great antidote to the pressures of modern life.

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Look at cute things. That always helps me. If that doesn’t work, watch TV or a movie.

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I find that focusing on and completing one thing at a time will help the stress to dissipate. As long as you have many incomplete projects it seems overwhelming. Also, find something to laugh about; that’ll help.

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ride my bike, play some guitar, watch some shows/movies or take a nap if im tired enough from the stress

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Making love works for me every time.

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I had a few different tricks; running works great, crying, driving, driving and blasting music, driving and blasting music AND singing at the top of my lungs.
I also agree with @eden2eve, about making love.

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…... music, reading & cannabis.

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Depends how stressed. Mildly stressed, sex helps loads.

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@Sophief Sex is a fantastic one!

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Write a list, with two columns, of things you need to do. In the left hand column write down the most urgent jobs, and in the right hand column the least urgent jobs.
Then decide which can be done the easiest and soonest.
Then put some relaxing music on and start to do the things necessary. Tick off the jobs as you have done them, and you will feel such a sense of achievement.
If you feel you have done enough of the jobs, then go for a walk, clear your head.

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First, breathe. Spend 5–10-15 minutes to clear your head, and remember “one thing at a time”. Always works for me.

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You start with completing the tasks you need to complete. If it is a work thing you can delegate to try and get some help. If it is school you are fucked. You just need to suck it up and do your best and accept the repercussions.

You need to relax a bit and tackle one thing at a time. I start with the most urgent, and than I go with easiest. It feels good to start crossing things off your list. It is nice to feel like you are moving forward. A list of 10 things sounds insurmountable. A list of three won’t make you go bald.

A nice bubble bath can help calm you down but it isn’t going to solve your problems. They will still be there when you get out and towel off.

All you can do is your best. Everyone fucks-up. I made a huge mistake at work and got fired back in 1999. I did end up homeless and sleeping on my friends couch. But I am still alive. And I got my Financial Aid revoked during my second year of college due to calculus and statistics and a healthy love of beer. Not a got mix. I lucked out with that one. I had all my stuff packed ready to ship for my sister to store. I was days away from being homeless with ten bucks in the bank in a town where I didn’t know anyone. It worked out. I sold my computer and found a job.

What the hell am I typing about?

Oh, relax a bit. This shit isn’t going to kill you. It might suck but you will not die. Do your best.

And if you get out of this situation look at how you got into it. Don’t do it to yourself again.

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Procrastinating is what is tripping you up! When deadlines have your back against the wall, make a list, prioritize it and start small. Do one important, get it done and take a small break….cup of coffee and go for a short walk. Get back into it and get another task completed and take a more deserved break. More coffee and longer walk. Bang out some things on your list and take a decent break. Call a friend, Fluther a bit, chill out for a spell. Then pour it on get ‘er done and then pat yourself on your back and take a well deserved finale break…hit the bars and get laid!

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Activate my emotional firewall. Be more strict when using my self-management tools.

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Stress. Something everyone faces now and again. How do we combat stress? Well it really depends on the type of person you are and what your interests are. First, you should ask yourself what is the source of stress. In your particular case, it seems like you have a lot of work that is nearing their deadlines. To be honest, that’s a hard one to fight.. However, the way i deal with overwhelming deadlines is to occasionally think of the future while working. It gives me a drive to keep pushing forward through the work when i know that there is indeed a tomorrow where this will all be done. Furthermore, I look at all that i have accomplished beforehand as well. Judging by your post, I am guessing you have successfully done this in the past (meeting deadlines). With that being said, just keep pushing through the work and keep in mind you will be rewarded for your hard efforts, whether it be 24 hours of sleep (lol) or treating yourself out.

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Deflect it with my impregnable shield of positivity,works every time.

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Most people don’t like to admit it, but we often get stressed because we’re disorganised and too good at putting stuff off until tomorrow. Like me and many others, it sounds as if you suffer from both of these problems.

BIG TIP: Do to lists work! I know it’s not very rock ‘n roll to write do to lists, but I find they help. I write my lists on-line (I’m a dedicated web geek) using a FREE service called Ta Da Lists. Once something is on a list commit to complete it that day. At the end of the day you can look at what you’ve done and feel proud ;)

You might also want to check out the other services the folks at 37signals offer (not all of their products are free btw).

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I exercise like a madwoman.
I take long walks in the woods too.It works I did have a punching bag.I stressed out when I broke it;)

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Badly, I cry. Then I sing a song.

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Take a nap with some music on. The weird thoughts you have will make you laugh as soon as you wake up!

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yooooogaaaaa…also this. it’s called the “relaxation response” and is basically just controlled breathing/meditation and is done in a lot of things like yoga. anyways, there’s lots of clinical research that backs it up, so try it out like 5–10 minutes a day.

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Yoga and baths. Also reading, as long as it is mindless and not a hard read.

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