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How long does it take Black Stalked Bamboos to grow?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) April 26th, 2010

We planted them August last year, they are just starting to get new stalks growing up now. But, how long will it take them to grow to full size?

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I think that bamboo has a 48 year life cycle. I saw a special about someplace that is overrun with rats every 48 years and it’s because of the life cycle of the bamboo. I don’t know if it is Black Stalk Bamboo or some other sort.

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Once established, the new stalks should reach their maximum height for your climate zone in one season. Black bamboo (Phyllostachy Nigra), depending on climate, will grow to 2” diameter and 16–30 feet high. The stems don’t turn black until the second year of growth. The book I have says this species is not recommended in colder climates than hardiness zone 6 (-14 F). Maybe that is why your canes seem stunted. The UK site on bamboo here doesn’t list climate zones (where I live is about 300 miles too far north for this variety; zone 4).

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I planted a small grove of bamboo here in Ohio 5 years ago and this is the first year I’ve noticed a lot of new shoots. I think it needed some time to establish it’s root system. Problem is, it somehow escaped the clay containment vessel I put it in and it is putting up sprouts with a vengence all over the yard. Not a bad thing because they are good to eat.

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I don’t know but we have a bunch of it growing out front and I love it. There are always new one starting and it seems as if it gets noticeably higher over night but I never really measured it to be sure.

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