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Why isn't Marilyn vos Savant either; a billionairess,CEO of a fortune 500 company,a Nobel prize winner,a world renowned scientist or a World Leader ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 26th, 2010

She’s the current world record holder for the highest IQ +230 much higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking,
but her accomplishments are being an American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, and playwright and a Sunday columnist in Parade magazine in which she solves puzzles and answers questions from readers on a variety of subjects.

She was gifted with extraordinary intelligence but all she can do with it is to participate in a weekly parlor game of “Stump Marilyn”

*Even the guy,the character of “Rainman” was based on, accomplished much more in life before his death.

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Personal choice :)

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She is doing what she loves to do which is exactly what I would expect a brilliant person to do with their life!

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According to Wiki she’s the CFO of Jarvik Heart, Inc. (presumably her husband’s company). Her own website lists her as an “executive.”

She also has a really ugly website.

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I guess you’re showing your bias in terms of what qualifies as an accomplishment. In my eyes, being a playwright or author is a pretty great accomplishment.

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Marilyn will have a permanent place in the history of popular culture for her analysis of the Monty Hall problem, which she got right. She got a whole bunch of criticism, some of it rather nasty and some of it from math professors.

I think her high IQ is an indication of the limits of the measurement of IQ. She is certainly intelligent, but she is no Einstein.

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@cfrydj Analogy time !!
You have a son;early in life,it is determined; he is a gifted,he is large,muscular,he posses extraordinary endurance and to top it off,he is fast & agile.
He has the potential of becoming a Football Hall of Famer (or world class athlete)
but chooses to work at a lumber yard and work very hard to support himself and family !
Working at a lumber yard and doing the work of 3 men is an honorable profession, there’s definitely no shame on it,right !!! Yeah,but it’s a waste of great talent !

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Not knowing her, I suspect she does what she does because she enjoys it and can afford to. With a 230+ IQ I suppose she’s smart enough to know that working at what you love is usually more enjoyable than success in what you loath. As to the analogy, it may be a waste of talent in your eyes, but not to the person who possesses it.

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@Pretty_Lilly I agree, but authors and playwrights are more than just honourable professions, they have incredible potential to change the world. Isn’t Shakespeare considered one of the greatest people? In my opinion, writing is a better use of her intelligence than being rich or a politician.

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I guess she knows something you don’t.

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Because she is intelligent enough to know that she is not required to live HER life according to YOUR expectations (or the expectations of anyone else who would presume to judge her choices.)

She isn’t harming anyone, enjoys what she’s doing and whatever her legacy will be will take place largely after she has shuffled off this mortal coil.

She is smart enough to enjoy life’s journey without being hung up on false prestige, people pleasing, or being first in the rat race. Some of us could learn a lot from that.

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High IQ does not necessarily mean great business skills, leadership abilities, or web design skills, as @mrentropy points out.

Perhaps she found her niche and happily fills it, and that niche happens to be as an executive in her husband’s company and a columnist?

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