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Carpet stain that just keeps getting bigger when cleaned?

Asked by tranquilsea (17739points) April 26th, 2010

One of our dogs puked on the carpet. Not a big deal. I cleaned it up but when it dried the whole area around the stain became discoloured and seemingly stained. I cleaned it and that stain became even bigger. I’ve steam cleaned it now and still no improvement. I’m afraid if I keep going with this I’ll end up with an even more massive stain than is there now.

I cleaned it up with a product called, Pink Solution which I have used for 15 years to clean carpets, furniture…well, actually, just about anything.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get this stain up?

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If you like the color, keep spreading it. Otherwise, you may have to rip it up. It’s a good thing we love our pets.

Have you tried calling a professional carpet cleaner?

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Try an enzyme-based soaking solution, like “Nature’s Miracle”, or its more powerful successors. They digest the stain particles.

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It could be that your carpet was so generally dirty that cleaning a puke stain makes an actual clean spot in the rug, in contradistinction to the surrounding area.

Please don’t ask me how I know this is possible.

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I think you have a demon in your carpet. Call in the excorcist. lol

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@gailcalled I don’t generally use pros because I’ve had bad experences with them in the past and good experiences with cleaning my own carpets…until now. lol.

@dpworkin I’ll give that a try. Right now it looks as though we use that spot for gutting rotting fish…not a good look.

@CyanoticWasp I would usually answer yes to your dirty carpet answer but this area was completely cleaned in an effort to get this stain up. Plus is it a completely different colour than the general dirt in the area. Usually when I do my spot cleans and I have a lot of clean areas compared to the dirty ones…I do a complete job.

@Coloma I think the dog is possessed. I can’t imagine what may be happening in his stomach to cause such a problem!

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I haven’t tried Nature’s Miracle on vomit, but it worked great on urine; our pup had a spot he kept going back to even though I cleaned it, but after the Nature’s Miracle, he has never peed there again.

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@gailcalled If you like the color… Lol!

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If you used the same product twice and it’s not doing it, I would try switching. We used to use “resolve” when I had carpet. I wouldn’t swear by it, but it usually works pretty well.

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Touvit Forte works well on carpets, I saw it on HSN and just had to buy some, only downside is it has a bit of a smell…

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UPDATE: The darn spot got even larger but I persisted with the Pink Solution. I think it had soaked into the underlay. After a week of working on the spot, it finally came up. I have to say, I love Pink Solution!

Thanks everyone for your help. It is appreciated.

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