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where is the best coffee in Boston?

Asked by tdseverson (15points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone

love coffee, have heard there are 2–3 great shops in Boston

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The 1369 Coffeehouse in Central Square, Cambridge is well-regarded. There’s also a Peet’s store in/near Harvard Square—I’ve never been there, but Peet’s coffee is quite good.

As far as Boston proper, I don’t know – I tend to stay on this side of the river.

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excellent, thanks!

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i have actually really enjoyed the coffee at the black seed cafe, formerly bagels plus, right near the park st. T stop at the intersection of tremont st. and park st. they’re nice folks, too.

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Dunkin Donuts is always a hit. :)

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I’d add to this: Flat Black, which has locations in Dorchester Lower Mills, Ashmont, and the Financial District. Roasted locally in Dorchester, and damn good.

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