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why is the periodic table symbol for sodium, Na ?

Asked by kelly (1908points) March 11th, 2008

you would think it would be So, like carbon is C, and oxygen is O

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Many of them, like lead (Pb) are named after their latin roots.

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Also, with lead, Pb stands for plumbumb, which is where we get the word “plumber” from, because they originally worked with lead and piping.

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Read the first page of the wiki link.

And this was a good question.. I am not snarking.

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There should be a question category for questions that can be answered with a chimp, 3 minutes, and Google.

johnpowell: I AM snarking.

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Sodium’s chemical symbol is Na for Nacium

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Most elements on the periodic chart their symbols are based on either their Latin root words. That is how Dmitri Mendeleev organized it.

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