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How long did you wait?

Asked by wundayatta (58563points) April 26th, 2010

We’ve all had times when we’ve been waiting for something. Maybe a soldier to come back from the war; maybe for an angry lover to cool off and come talk to you; maybe for an acceptance (or rejection) for a job or a college.

Is there a time you remember waiting that really sticks out in your mind? What was the situation? How long did you have to wait. What ended the waiting (if it is over).

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Actually, there’s a time that sticks out to me from my baby sister’s life.

My father said he was sending Christmas presents in the beginning of December. My then 5yr old sister checked the mail every day until Christmas, then continued to check every day until Easter, when she finally realized they weren’t coming.

Good riddance.

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I tend to wait less these days than when I was a teen. Back then I’d wait for the stupidest of things. Don’t wait. Do something else.

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Am i glad you asked this question. it was not a soldier, not a son or daughter, but my wife. the other night, my wife went into a grocery store to purchase one can of dog food. it took her 32 minutes to supposedly buy just one can. the longer i waited in a “no parking zone” at the store, the hotter my temperture was rising. waiting and waiting and finally i know why. it was not a long line at the checkout. it was not a problem with her credit card, it was that grocery cart full of groceries she was pushing toward the car. i can never understand my wife in this respect. she is like a grocery store junkie when it comes to temptations on the shelves. she had the one can of dog food, but she also had all the food for a Sunday dinner.

After this incident, i sat down with a pencil and paper and discovered that out of the last 44 years married to this woman, i have spent at least one third of those years, waiting for my wife to shop, shop, shop. there has to be a better way. i am running out of time on earth.

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I waited nine months for my child to be born. The outcome… a beautiful daughter!!

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I am still waiting, and willing to wait the rest of my life.

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I waited over 4 years to come out as gay. Could’ve done it a long time ago…

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@john65pennington I can’t stop laughing at your answer. My SO says exactly the same thing to me.
He simply doesn’t understand that we may go in a shop for one thing and come out with ten!! LOLL

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@DominicX That’s a big step. Congratulations!

I’m waiting for my sister to get home from her deployment in Qatar. I think it’s so cool and brave that she joined the Air Force and went overseas. We weren’t always that close before, but now I really miss her.

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I wanted a Sweet Pickles Bus. I was about 5, I guess, when I saw the commercial for it. It was a learning package with flash cards, activity books, etc. It came in a little tin bus box. The commercial had people dressed as animals who drove the bus to your house and delivered your Sweet Pickles Bus right to you. My mom wouldn’t get me one. I begged and begged her. Finally, she said she bought me one. So, I waited and waited for it. I’d look out the window every day for it to come. I watched for the animals and the bus for months. But it never came. My mother lied. I asked her where my bus was and she said it must have gotten lost in the mail. Then she said they didn’t make them anymore. LIES! I’m still waiting for my Sweet Pickles Bus.

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I am waiting to finally be with my man. We have lived 2,000 miles apart for the last three years, and will continue to do so for at least one more year. I am also waiting to find out if my university will allow me to do student teaching where he lives. If yes, we’ll be getting married in about 13 months. If no, we get to wait another 8 (making it 21 months from now). I don’t mind waiting, because he is more than worth it. But I am ready for us to be together.

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I am still waiting and by the looks of it will wait until eternity!

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I remember waiting those 9 months each time my sons were born and that period of time being so surreal knowing just how much my life was soon to be impacted. I had no idea just how much it would be but that was without question the most palatable waiting period I have ever experienced!

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I’ve been waiting for almost three years! My boyfriend is married and says he’s going to leave his wife to stay with me. I’m still waiting lol

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@Justnice You’ll continue waiting forever too, unless you find someone worth your while.

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See I know that but I stay anyway because I love him and can’t stand to walk away from it. I guess I just have to wait until I learn my lesson

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@Justnice Or until the wife makes you learn it. * sigh * I’ll never understand why anyone would want to “love” someone who didn’t love them back.

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@john65pennington Problem solved – Do the shopping yourself.

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@Taciturnu how do u know he doesn’t love me? I believe that he will leave her and it’s gonna happen someday soon.

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one time my boyfriend was in the liquor store and i was waiting in the car talking to my mom on the phone. i didn’t time it, but he was in there at least 40 minutes. My jaw, I think, managed to stay dropped the entire time I was on the phone. He is so slow sometimes….it really, really, really gets to me. Not like…seriously. But sometimes I do wonder how it can take him 10 minutes to go out to his car to get a stack of papers. It is really odd.

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I’ve waited a lot. By the time I’m done waiting, I forgot what I was waiting for!

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I’ve been waiting since I was 8 years old to get an EasyBake Oven. I’ll be 46 in May and I’m still waiting.

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I waited for many many months for my divorce.

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@tedibear Didn’t you know there’s been a recall on those things? They’re not safe to use.

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I waited 6 out of 7 years for a partner too get his act together before throwing in the towel and leaving him. The first year together we had made all kinds of plans for a future together, marriage included. One thing after another brought him down and I finally realized all the love in the world I gave to him wasn’t helping him get over his bitter past. When I accepted I was also becoming depressed, bitter and unhealthy then I knew I had to get out, nothing was ever going to go forward that I had wanted.

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Commercial to add to my response.

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Wait??? we didn’t! well i did not want to wait and I pushed him a lot, he was just nervous he was in a way a “virgin” so he was kind of self-concius but the more he made me wait the more I harrassed him, he was so inocent

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This is one of the greatest most awesome open ended question ever- I did not know it was possible to ask such an open ended question!

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@tedibear I feel your pain. I asked for one for years, then the year I didn’t ask, my sister got one for her birthday. I pretended I didn’t care.

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Oh, it wasn’t about sex , I didn’t read the rest of the details of the question, shame on me :P

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My wife and I have been separated for a year, because of my job in the Navy. She’s waited over a year, starting with the week after our anniversary, for us to live together again. It sticks out in my mind, and I’m glad she waited. I move her up to be with me next month, and we feel like newlyweds all over again.

On a lighter note, one time I waited 10 hours between meals, I waited 3 days once between… um… time with myself… :cough:

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I’m still waiting for something to happen that may never be…how long will I wait? I don’t know. I feel like I will wait forever, that’s how strong my feelings are right now…

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always “perpetually awaiting a rebirth of wonder…”

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I am waiting, with every heartbeat I take, with every step I rake, with every blink I wake;
To see my shadow, crawling over me with a whisper “the time has thy bedone”

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Waited ages for my divorce papers. It was worth the wait. Waited too for my Ex to get his act together. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Now waiting for Mr Right to come along. In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying my singlehood.

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