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How much did your auto insurance premium go up after you were at fault for an accident?

Asked by jz1220 (829points) March 11th, 2008
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it all depends on how much your insurance company pays for the other persons car.

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Yeah, I’m sure many variables factor into it. I was on hold with my insurance company when asking this question, trying to pass some time and get a feel of what to expect and to see if I’m getting ripped off. So far, no comment from them. They have to wait to receive the estimate.

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Think of it as they need to get their money back for the accident. Worst case is they are not allowed to cancel your policy (some companies are like that) so they just raise your rates through the roof to get you to cancel. Every company is different and every accident is different, sometimes the rates don’t go up at all if you have a long clean history (i.e. they already made enough money off of you to not worry about it).

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