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Any suggestion for an online store that sells HIGH quality costumes ($300-$800) NOT kiddie halloween, polyester jumpsuits?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) April 26th, 2010

Im into getting really good costumes that people would stop and stare…not big, baggy, crooked, velcro, jumpsuits that look like junk. We all know the feeling of trying to look like batman with a front-only maks that has an elastic band that always snaps, and a suit with the belt painted on. Where can I find semi-affordable (i say that because MOST people would think $300—$800 is extreme) costumes that DESERVE to be priced as such? It seems there would be a huge market for this type of thing for parties (iron man, batman, video-game characters, etc.) but the reality is, Im having trouble finding anything that isnt home made on ebay and way over-priced because of it ($2000 for a chest-plate! come on!) lol. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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I would be googling Theater Supply. (I’ll also ask my daughter who used to be a theater teacher and ask her and get back to you.)

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Paint “FUTURE LAKER” in purple paint on a yellow jersey, and you’ll look like you spent hundreds of dollars.

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if you are willing to pay that type of money for a costume, you’re better off thinking up what you want and either making it yourself or having someone make it for you. that is a biiig chunk of money and you could cover all the supplies and materials and fabrics and stuff easily. and you can also get more customized this way.

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@deni but im not a handy/glue and molding and fabric kind of guy, so that leaves me with the other option of having someone make it for me, which leaves two problems, finding a person who can do it as well as you want, trusting them, hoping they dont charge insane amounts because its custom and handmade, and not having any type of warranty/return policy. it seems over-complicated. there are people who do this type of thing, but theyre the ones who are on ebay charging $2000 for their suits. I dont need it to be made out of custom-cut fiberglass, and have a gas propelled jet-pack. lol, im looking for a middle of the road place, where i could a great costume, but not a replica costume.

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the last costume i bought was the one in the second link i provided above. i put it on, walked out my door to the end of the street, and came back…and as i was walking up my driveway, 4 cop cars surrounded me and told me to freeze. they later told me their were 26 calls from the area that “military personnel” were walking the streets. that mistake would never be made with a walmart costume. i actually had to sell that costume because i wore it out two more times and cops came both those times as well, so i had no use for it lol. it looked too much like a soldier of some sort. i wont make that mistake again, it cost me $600

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interesting. okay. well…you could also try to post an ad on your local craigslist. and you could negotiate how much you would pay for your time, and you could buy the materials so you know they’re not gipping you. seriously….dreams come true on craigslist.

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@futurelaker88 In the old days, when I was making custom made and custom designed costumes, I always guaranteed that if the buyer didn’t like it I would give a full refund. I never got any back.

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I have family members who own this store.
I’ve seen their molds. I’m cool.

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@Cupcake hey, the link you gave is just a link back to this exact page. lol thanks though!

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@Cupcake‘s actual link is supposed to go to It appears there were some copypasta issues.

Now, why do you feel $2000 is overpriced for a chestplate? are you considering the materials, the quality of construction, and the sheer hours of time, effort, and bloodshed involved in that kind of work? I only say that because I have a dear friend who contracts leatherwork to several well-known heavy metal bands, and he is paid well for his work – it’s good stuff and he deserves it.

If you’re looking for high-quality work, you’re going to have to pay for it. You can’t just stamp an exact replica of IronMan’s suit out of plastic and have it look cosplay-quality. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of craftsmanship, and expensive materials.

(also, your first link – the image is so ‘shopped, there’s no way to tell what the actual costume looks like, and the second link is a 404 error)

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oops… my bad.

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