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If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be?

Asked by Jude (32098points) April 26th, 2010

For me, I’d love to be able to spend more time with her. We’re both busy, but, that’ll soon change as I’ll have the whole summer off. Thank-you, jebus.

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I’d have him cured of his addiction to pain pills.

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It would exist.
And I wouldn’t be so afraid of getting hurt that I cut ties without warning.
I suck. :l

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They’d have better self-esteem.

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Our sex drives to be on a more or less equal level.

I’m all about laying the pipe every day, multiple times if possible.

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I’d have one.

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I would add many more years than what is left.

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tried for a few minutes to think of something….but nothing needs changed, i guess. :’)

the only thing i might say is that i would see him more often. i do see him most days, but he works a lot so usually during the week its only for an hour or two before he has to go to bed, and even then he has work to do some of that times. but i wouldn’t change that, even though i’d like to see him more, because absence does make the heart grow fonder. if i was with him all the time, there would never be those adorable moments where we have waited all day or 2 or 3 days to see each other and are both so overcome with happiness that we collapse into a snuggly heap for an hour. haha :)

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I’m really happy with my relationship, but I would definitely like for us to both have more time for each other. We’re both college students and our schedules make it so our only time together is doing homework. But, at least we get to spend time together whatever way that may be =]

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we wouldn’t be long distance anymore

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He wouldn’t be so damn jealous & possessive. A little is good…a lot isn’t.

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@deni those adorable moments where we have waited all day or 2 or 3 days to see each other and are both so overcome with happiness that we collapse into a snuggly heap for an hour.

I’m so all about those moments.

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@FutureMemory whats better….seriously?

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@deni I want one of those moments. :(

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Like @hug_of_war , i would take the distance out of the long distance relationship.

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I would be in one.

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@chyna It is all around you. Open your heart, let down your guard. take your confidence out of your pocket, put on your smile, review your priorities, and get out there. Success is only a heartbeat away. :):)

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Damn @Rangie, you put a lump in my throat. Thank you.

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@chyna I agree. You’re such a lovely woman. Any guy would be lucky to have you in his life.

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I’ve met the best woman in my whole life but I’m in the military so we have to break up when I leave : (

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I wish the wifey wasn’t so tired all the time. But I can’t complain since I’m now a big freeloader.

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@Blackberry what do you mean? you actually break up? or you’re just long distance for a while? that seems a shame if she is the woman of your dreams and you’re letting her go because you’re leaving :(

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I got a divorce….the joy has still not subsided and it’s been 7 years now! lololol

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@deni Its just not realistic to have a long distance relationship, I know it won’t work…...there’s not even any promise of me coming back to her, although I will ask for more orders here, but ultimately its all about where the ‘man’ wants me to go lol.

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@Blackberry But what does she want?

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I love everything about my relationship…. buuuuuut
I suppose I’d make the cute Brit a U.S. citizen to make things 1000x easier.

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I think we both would like to ideally stay together. I told her upfront that marriage isn’t an option, but she replies with things like “you don’t know what will happen in a year” etc. Its frustrating for both of us.

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I’d give us powers to feel rested after an hour of sleep so that we can spend more of the night together w/o the kids.

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Like @rangerr, said… I’d make it exist to begin with.

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I’d change my partner’s health for the better.

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To begin with, I would have to have one.

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To be honest, I think what my relationship needs most is trust and faith on my side, for I know it is frustrating to my man when I become paranoid.

He is perfect, on the other hand, and I’d change nothing about what he does.
Sometimes I don’t even think I deserve such a man in my life, but I plan on trying my damn hardest to be the best girlfriend I can.

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@chyna Thank you, you are so sweet. Go getum girl.:):):)

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I would change his sometimes black and white views. In my opinion and experience, there is no black and white in life, it’s all gray. He seems to think he knows the future because of how he thinks he will act

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Bring him 200 miles closer. Now that would be awesome. :)

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@Ponderer983 You are probably right, but maybe you can think of some, just to know what makes him think that way. :)

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uh, can we do it more regularly like spontaneously like when the kids are playing downstairs and watching spongebob unbeknownst to them or when nobody is in the house but just you and me and the kitchen table is so available for rear entry as you walk around butt naked with that robe on.

the change i’d want would be rampant unadulterated unhibited no holds barred love-making instead of restrictions.

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Oh, here’s one!
Can we “do it” without the dogs being in the room with us? Please gawd.

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Hahaha…my last boyfriend had a 120 lb. German Shepherd…great dog, but he never took his eyes off of us..kinda spooky to say the least.

My cat on the other hand just looked disgusted, too much action in the bed for him to find a comfy spot. lololol

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I hate getting growled at because some furry imp doesn’t want to scoot from the end of the bed to make room for us stretching out. Worse is having it’s little bug eyes staring at me just I’m go to oh-ah ah… oh, nevermind.~

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that i could actually change him for good, it is not that I don’t like him is just that is for his own benefit :P and that he won’t pretend he’s changed for a period of time but forever!

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We’d have the same energy level. I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 30, so it’s pretty lame that I can’t keep up with him. :-/

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Excellent idea!

I’d like to second @chels: I love learning about a different culture from my husband (I’m from England, he’s from Chicago land), but it would be much simpler if we were from the same place! Aside from the fact that on occasion I have literally no idea what he’s saying, I would love for all my family to be in one place and for my son to have unlimited access to all his grandparents, uncles and aunties.

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We’d live and work closer to one another, and thus be able to spend more time together.

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I wish she’d learn how to snowboard

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I’d have us find equal footing on how to work out our issues. I like to talk things out. He likes things to work out on their own. Also, we’re both very stubborn. If we could meet in the middle as in, do some talking when stuff is bothering us and do some action to change it, I think that would be ideal.

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I wish we would of met earlier. I wish I wasn’t so jealous and paranoid. I wish would have sex more.

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I’ve been following this question, not knowing how to answer, because I just couldn’t think of anything I would like to change. Our relationship isn’t perfect, but I’m happy. Then @cockswain‘s answer inspired me. (not sure if that is the word I’m looking for, but it’s early and I’m only on my first cup of coffee)

I would love it if my husband would do more snow related activities with me. I usually drag my children along when I want to snowboard, ice skate or sled because my husband would rather not do those activities. He works outside, so I can understand why he doesn’t want to go back out into the cold after working in it all week. It would still be nice to do the things that I enjoy with the man I love. At least I know he will be there to keep me warm when I return. ;)

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He would never feel the need to lie to me. he says he lies to avoid a fight, but it just makes the situation 100x worse :(

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I’d be with him more often. Long distance relationships are hard.

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He would be interested in health-related pursuits.

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