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O sweet mother of pearl! I've scratched my eye, what can I do?

Asked by andrew (16553points) March 11th, 2008

This is what happens when you’re addicted to the Fluther chat, your contacts wera out, and you rub your eye. I’m in a world of hurt right now.

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No wooonder you’re not responding in chat. Eeeeesh. Scary! I…. don’t know about contacts, i’m afraid of them.

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This happened to me when I was in high school varsity softball – I was a catcher wearing contacts. Sand (which is like glass) got inbetween my eye and the contact.

Worst case scenario you have a corneal abrasion. DO NOT rub your eye, that much is obvious from the pain!

Put a patch over the eye so you can last till tomorrow to see an eye doctor, or go to an emergency room. The eye is so delicate that it’s high priority.

The eye is the organ that heals the slowest, and the repair tissue can rub away by blinking and rubbing. You might end up wearing a patch for like a few months.

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What. Well that won’t work, I have a shoot on Thursday. What can i use for a makeshift eyepatch?

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ooooohhhhh, that’s no good. I’m pretty sure my contacts are close to that point. I’d go with squirbel’s advice. Even if its not that bad, better to be safe than sorry. Sight is important.

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They have them at Walgreens, you could also fashion one out of a bandanna or stuff around your house. Basic idea is to make sure your eyelid stays closed, but with as little pressure on the eyeball as possible.

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Lol. You’ll be able to play pirate for a bit! :) sorry….had to.

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At first I’ll admit I didn’t know what happened to me. I thought I had suddenly developed allergies because my eye was watering (practically crying on its own, LOL) and I was getting headaches from the pain. I took benadryl and since I rarely use any drug I was knocked out for 14 hours. Did a little Internet research and then told my mom what I found and we went to the eye doctor and he confirmed what I found (I didn’t tell him anything about what I thought it was, just symptoms).

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Are you sure it’s scratched? there could be something actually in your eye. You can buy an eye-rinse cup at Walgreens. Fill it with warm water, put it over your eye, and open your eye into the water. wait. repeat. If there is something in your eye this will help remove it, and should feel soothing. Other than that, I’d recommend getting to an optomotrist, asap.

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this actually happened to me tonight.

it’s not the first time it’s happened either.

i usually just deal with it, put a warm wash cloth over it for a little bit, and within 12 hours its all good.

despite what squirbel said your eye and tongue are the fastest healing parts of your body.

why do you think they can slice open your lens, perform lasik surgery, and you can see and go to work the next day?

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Ouch, the only thing you can do is rest it and put a cold compress on your eye. I wear contacts as well, and its just so much worse when you scratch your eye while wearing them.

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I scratched my eye, while putting my contacts in. I went to the ER, they put dye in my eye, then gave me some eye drops. The eye drops work wonders.

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Update: After sleeping for 14 hours, my eye feels a lot better.

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Yay! Glad it wasn’t as serious as my injury :)

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I wish I can sleep for 14 hours,
glad you feel better

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That’s too bad. I think the eye patch could have been a brilliant publicity gimmick. Are you sure someone couldn’t poke you in the eye before-hand? Then you could claim you were testing Yahoo Answers User Interface and your eye broke.

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