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Any thoughts on why a happily gay person would suddenly have several happy hetero dreams?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21462points) April 26th, 2010

I dreamt last night that I was getting married… to a dude. White gown, big wedding, the whole deal. It was all perfectly normal and happy during the dream and when I talked to my groom-to-be in the dream, I was happy and had feelings of what a wonderful person he was. I embraced him and told him sincerely that I loved him so much, and in my dream, I did.

When I woke up, I kinda went, Huh. Odd. It even caused me to question my sexuality for a few minutes until I woke up enough and I realized that nothing had really changed for me. I mean, I’m not closed off to the idea, I just find it really unlikely that I will ever be emotionally and physically attracted enough to a man to date and/or marry one.

I’ve had another couple of these hetero dreams lately, though nothing quite as surprising as last night’s. I’m confused and don’t really understand what my brain is up to, cause, ya know, I really like the ladies a whole lot normally.

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Because dreams are random responses to neuronal firings, and they don’t mean sheeit.

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It means you are not really gay – you just need a good man to show it to you ~
Perhaps it has something to do with wanting a change (not of partner or sexualities but in life).

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I think it’s probably that your subconscious doesn’t need to worry about the same social things that your conscious mind does. I doubt it really speaks to your sexuality as much as it shows that the logic centers are shut down when you’re dreaming… I mean marrying a man and big white gown? Logic fail ;)

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@dpworkin You are no doubt correct but I don’t think anyone is ever going to buy that line.

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face it, you like co*k as well

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Maybe you’re a “closet hetero”? : >

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Yeah, well Freud’s data were fraudulent. He made them up. It will just take people a long time to catch up to the present state of psychological art.

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Maybe you just had a happy meaningless dream. Why dies it have to have Somme deep rooted psychological meaning?

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You guys are funny. :)

@Dr_C – I don’t think all dreams have a deep psychological meaning. If you look back into the questions I’ve asked, there was one on “fantasy” dreams, which, in my definition, are merely for pleasure and the good feelings they evoke. This dream felt like a fantasy dream; like you said, it was happy and felt good. I just don’t understand why my brain has switched gears, because usually my fantasy dreams are about the beginning stage of a relationship with women. Not marriage, not anything serious.. now I’m marrying guys?? Haha.

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@MissAnthrope I’ve been there, as well. And, sex dreams with the fellas, yet, I have no interest in my waking life.

I’m thinking it’s what dp and the Doc said…

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I’m not claiming that dreams have no meaning; I’m claiming that they are not necessarily cryptic messages from the deep unconscious. I think dreams pretty much are what they is. These are sort of interesting and amusing and curious, and probably have no very deep meaning.

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Maybe its your subconscious telling you your gate swings both ways?

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@jjmah – OMG, I am so glad it’s not just me. The sex dreams are very confusing to me.. I mean, hello, if I had my druthers, I’d be gettin’ down with some hot lady.

Just for humor’s sake, two nights ago, I had a dream about a threesome with Donald Trump and some hot lady, though the Donald and I were not so interested in one another.

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I’ve had dreams about screwing a bunny. Just enjoy it!

And if I’m ever gonna screw an animal, it’d best be anthro!

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@MissAnthrope That sounds like a hairy dream.

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I tell you what.. do not read The Mothman Prophecies before bed unless you want really weird dreams, as you can see.

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Nothing strange about that. All bunnies ever do is fuck.

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@dpworkin And it was albino! Albinos are magical!

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OK, now I have to ask for proof that Freud made shit up.

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Prove he didn’t.

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My first thought was that one scene in Go Fish. Second thought- normal human with normal human odd dreams. Perhaps you could look at the symbolism of marriage and what it means to you. Or no more burritos before bedtime.

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@gemiwing no burritos? blasphemy!!

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See, that’s the cool thing about being gay. You have a hetro dream about it, and you can talk about it with your friends. If a straight guy has this dream, he not only cannot talk to anyone about it, but he has to get drunk first thing in the morning.

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@filmfann you need an excuse to get drunk first thing in the morning?

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It’s not about boys, it’s about marriage. Marriage images are always hetero, so that’s in your neuronal storehouse. Mazel tov!

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It’s my mojo. You’re powerless.

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Well, I’m a happily straight person who twice had a gay dream, so why not the other way round? And I can assure you, I do not have the tiniest inclination towards people of my own sex. I woke up feeling really weird, and certainly not gay.

I think it’s just your mind playing weird games on you. Dreams do that.

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i dont look too much into dreams, ever. last night i dreamt that my boyfriend impregnated some other girl… am i supposed to interpret that? therefore i don’t, i just ignore them.

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I’m a shapeshifter too.

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I’m a happily married heterosexual and I have had dreams of a happy wonderful life with some nice lesbian woman once or twice too. I don’t think it means anything.

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@Jack79 and @Silhouette – Good points.. I hadn’t thought of it the other way around. I mean, if a straight person has a couple gay dreams, I don’t automatically assume they’re gay. It’s more like, well, whatever, dreams are weird. @Silhouette, I am glad to hear that, though, because while I blow off the hetero sex dreams, to me, the hetero commitment dream is different. You know, kinda made me stop and think because I was so happy in the dream. I think @susanc probably has a good point there, too.

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