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Ideas for a RPDR viewing party?

Asked by alive (2938points) April 26th, 2010

Tonight we are hosting a viewing party of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, but still want to help, RPDR is a reality show on Logo (and VH1) that has drag queens competing to be america’s best drag queen! it is sort of like america’s next top model meets project runnway, but with all drag queens (it has a cult following)

Anywho, It is the season finale! Any ideas on what to do to go out with a bang!?

drinks, party favors, decor, etc. ?

most of us will most likely be dressing up (in drag) but i can’t decide if i should do boy drag or girl drag???

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Neon colours & blacklight. Works for every occasion!

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Someone had a question on here about using super-lube on a slip n’ slide. I suggest that.

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Everybody gets a boa!

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How did the party go?

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thanks for the ideas!

party was awesome…the winner was kind of a let down (unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to set up a slip and slide with lube…. next time though…definitely next time!)

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