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Can you help me fix my internet connectivity problem with IE8?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) April 26th, 2010

I need to do an online exam that ONLY works with Windows (so I can’t use my Mac), and it ONLY works with Internet Explorer.

Here is the problem:

One day, something popped up on my g/f’s PC. She just clicked without knowing what the hell is going on.

So now, the internet connection is strong, and if she uses Safari it works great. But something is blocking Internet Explorer from getting online. When I open IE it goes to the error page “Diagnose Connectivity Error.” But when I diagnose it, it says connection strong.

What could be blocking the IE8?

I disabled McAfee . . . what’s left?

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I hope you don’t expect help from any women. :)

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Download malwarebytes and check her system for viruses first.

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Download and reinstall IE from the Microsoft website.

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I edited it.

I did that. Didn’t work.

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go to menu TOOLS,than do to INTERNET OPTIONS.go to CONNECTION tabs,and click on SETTINGS tab.than you have to uncheck the use o proxy server for this connection( )and click ok or Try unclicking Automatically detect settings in Tools-Internet Options-Connections-LAN Settings

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dont you hate that people still fucking make things that HAVE to use IE.

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Well now that you edited your question, I look like a jerk. :P

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On a couple of machines, I found that IE8 “Compatibility View” is pretty much incompatible with the Internet.

From the Command Bar, select Tools, and then select Compatibility View Settings

Hope that helps.

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sorry! :)

Thanks for the info @jaytkay, I will try that.

@uberbatman yes, I freaking HATE the fact that I have to use IE. It’s horrible.

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Tools > Internet Options > Security > Slide the security slider from “Medium-high” to “Medium”

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didn’t work

I don’t think it’s an IE setting. I remember when it happened. A little box in the lower right corner of the monitor popped up, she clicked it, and that was it. But I don’t believe it was McAfee, and if it was, I disabled McAfee.

Thanks though.

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maybe you could do a system restore?

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is that simple? what does it entail? I just re-opened McAfee and reset all settings, no dice.

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Try resetting your browser.
Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset.
This will restore IE to factory defaults.

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I thought I did that but it didn’t work.

BINGO, IT WORKED. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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<—Glad to help.

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And you wonder why he gets the big lurve!

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For future reference. You can change the user agent string in Safari to make the site think you are on IE. This will work 95% percent of the time to get to IE only sites. Here is a pic.

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@johnpowell thanks! that’s awesome.

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