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Any favorite camping spots along the coast of California?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) April 26th, 2010

Our favorite is Big Sur Pfeffier State Park and Pismo Beach campgrounds.

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Up along the Russian River, where the redwoods are. I used to love Big Sur, but I haven’t camped there for over 40 years, so I don’t know what the rules are any more. We used to hike over to Lime Kiln, or Palo Colorado.

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Near the hot springs above Santa Barbara. I don’t know the names or the roads, but I bet I could find them again. I think I went to Little and Big Caliente.

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The hot springs on Mountain Drive? I used to live up there.

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Sky Drive maybe? I remember driving up a road with a name like that, ocean view on your west. Then down the east slope to the remote springs

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half moon bay…...

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Van Damme, Big Sur, Salt Point, Point Reyes, Sutter’s Fort, and Lake Point. Those are ones I have been too.

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Gaviota, Jalama and Refugio. Down south San Clemente.

All Fifty years ago.

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