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There is something VERY LARGE and alive in my ceiling... how do I make it go away?

Asked by delirium (13669points) March 11th, 2008

I don’t know what it is. Its huge. We live in a three story colonial style house that was built fourty years ago at the least. I sleep on the top floor and there’s something thudding about above my head.

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more than likely its a racoon. You can buy a live trap, put some tuna in there and release it after its caught. If you don’t wanna mess with it you could always call a pest removal service.

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that’s scary…! What does it look like? Just a shadow?

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Sound. Thudding.

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I swear, nine times outta ten…..coon. They can get to an almost unbelievable size. Wait, where are you at?

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if it is a racoon, good luck. They are the most evil things alive. And I’ve punched one with my fist.

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[pruning off-topic comments]

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Punched one with your fist!?!?!?!? Wow that’s hardcore. Those things are very mean. Your lucky you still have an arm.

@ delirium trust me on the live trap deal. It doesnt hurt the animal and its the best way to avoid contact but get rid of it.

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Oh! But run when you open the trap to free it!!!!

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squirbel’s innocent :)

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How weird, I’ve got the exact same problem. It sounds like its in the attic but every time I go up there, there’s no sign of anything. However on close inspection of the eaves yesterday I can see the lead has been bent back and I’ m convinced it’s a squirrel making a nest and storing nuts ,after all its virtually spring and the mating season. You’ll probably have to get a ladder as its nesting in the wall cavity as opposed to in the house.

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Is it OK if I actually answer the question? At your local home repair shop they will sell you a strobe light made to get rid of the squirbels in your attic.

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Rodent of some ilk…if you’re not up to trapping, contact a home pest remover; if you rent, your landlord should be doing this…LMAO at this thread btw :) thanks all, needed that.

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when I first saw this thread, I thought of something right out of Edgar allan Poe. A large beast tormenting you while you sleep? Its maybe your imagination

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The noise is either a family of mice or a raccoon

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Ok, seriously? Call a pest control company. They specialize in stuff like this. Don’t try to get rid of it yourself—you don’t want to be touching wild animals.

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Or call your local animal control center. They will usually perform removals free of charge and do so humanely. Good luck! Geez, how annoying!!!

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To answer the question, a large Havahart trap will catch a squirrel, chipmunk, or red squirrel. For raccoons, get a pro before you have the raccoon luxury condos up there.

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I think its a bird. Tweet anybody?

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It is not a bird. Its…. much bigger than a bird. Dad promises to make it go away by the time I get back from spring break.

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When I was in high school, I caught a opossum, and took it for a ride in my truck. That was one mean little bugger. Is it obvious that I used to make poor decisions? If that thing would have bit my buddy or me….............................

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I love raccoons.

We gotta stop all the opposable thumb on opposable thumb crime.

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There should be some kind of “wild life rescue” company in your area. Call them. These people will trap the coon in a humane way and release it somewhere else. If you try to take care of this yourself – you will get hurt, and most likely will have to get rabies shots.

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call an exterminator!

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A raccoon or an opossum either way hire a animal removal company. Be sure to find the place where it is getting in and secure it or another will move in! Good luck! There is more help available “home repair“

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