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Have you noticed less moderation on Fluther recently?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) April 26th, 2010

I have. I noticed about a week ago. And not only with my own Q&A, but there seems to be less removal on all questions I visit.

Have you noticed or is it just me?

I like it. How about you?

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I hate it. Thanks for asking.

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Nope. We’re still getting our regular quota of 300–400 mod emails per day, with many questions returned for editing. You just haven’t found the right (wrong) threads. In fact, today alone we’ve had quite the nasty streak running through the community with many removed comments.

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Oh now, you’ve done it man. Here comes the crackdown.
Way to narc, narc.

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YESSSS! <rubs tentacles mischievously together>

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I’m noticing an increase on modding lately, actually.
Perhaps that’s because I just now have started to get all the emails about quips and questions being removed.

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I hardly ever see any nastiness, so either the mods are doing a really good job, or I’m doing a really great job at avoiding it.

I kind of want to see it, in a sick, voyeuristic kind of way! Probably better this way though.

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I am constantly coming across messages that have been removed by moderators. It’s hard to imagine what they might have said, but I don’t think moderation activity has diminished. Perhaps it is more reasonable that it was.

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It seems to be at about the same, excellent level to me.

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I’ve noticed a lot of repeat questions, but maybe that’s just so that jellie can get their own answers.

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@py_sue I’ve noticed that too.

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The only change I’ve noticed is far less consistency. It’s now become nearly impossible to figure out if it’s worth the time and energy to invest in typing out a thorough answer to a sincere well worded question only to have of disappear into the ether of cyberspace when the question gets pulled for editing when there wasn’t apparently anything wrong with it in the first place. Had I thought there was a problem with it, I wouldn’t have touched it with a ten foot pole. I’ve had answers disappear before and it makes one feel like a fool for having wasted time on it to begin with. Typing on an iPhone isn’t that much fun to begin with and there is no way to save it if it doesn’t post.

For myself, personally, I’m just going to PM the person directly from now on or just let the Q sit and age for a day or more so I stop wasting my typing time.

After this recent experience today I’ve just lost my patience for it altogether. When a Q posted by THE most experienced member (30K lurve) gets pulled for something nitpicky and I’ve just wasted a solid 10–15 mins. on a thorough answer, that’s when I throw up my hands.

There needs to be a better method for editing with clear cut guidelines understandable to the majority of experienced members. Until that is instituted it’s just too discouraging to spontaneous participation and I don’t feel like trying to second guess flaky standards with no consistency.

Just to clarify. I have always been one of the biggest cheerleaders of the necessity for moderation. It’s the only thing that keeps the trolls and excess rancor and stupidity at bay so I’m certainly not complaining about that.

But when it arbitrarily interferes with perfectly good sincere questions for apparently little necessity, it defeats its own purpose.

Who wants to bother putting care and effort into a response only to have it disappear into cyberspace cuz the Q got pulled and who knows when or IF it will ever return? I ask myself, why bother?

If people are already responding, obviously it was clear enough to be understood.
Why mess with it if it’s working just fine as is? (and there is nothing objectionable about it’s content spelling or grammar).

So, to answer your question, no. I think it’s gotten worse.

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@Buttonstc I know, it’s frustrating. As soon as we finish the new changes, we’re going to make it so it’s much less disruptive if a question gets moderated while you’re responding.

Here is your response, btw. Not lost at all.

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